28 November 2011


WERELSE is a concept brand bringing three international fashion bloggers together, pushing their creative talents and sharing their inspiration.
Seasons and trends are brushed aside and a platform has been created for limited edition products, all inspired and styled by Andy, Carolina and Chiara.
Based in a renovated loft in the creative heart of Milan, the WERELSE headquarters is where the girls bring their ideas and inspirations to life, and share them with the world.
[image & text via werelse]

In early October, I've seen a Twitter post by Andy of Stylescrapbook about WERELSE. Of course I immediately subscribed to the newsletter on WERELSE's Page, because I couldn't imagine what WERELSE really is.

End of October, this video was posted on Youtube, showing the T-Collection of WERELSE. Clothes a
vailable here.

WERELSE T-collection video backstage

I like the videos of WERELSE. The cut and the music are amazing.

The girls have done it right. There was a huge euphoria about WERELSE and lots of interested. In the end everything isn't that spectacular, it's just a new brand, but it's still stylish.

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