31 März 2014

spring has sprung

spring always makes me such a 24/7 happy person. the flowers, the trees it all is blossoming and makes everything look prettier. even if i am newly experiencing a light pollen allergy (no ichy eyes but i couldn't breathe through my nose properly since early march), i can't resist the urge to smell on every kinda flower and placing lots of them on the tables and shelves at home. not to mention all these beautiful pictures i see on pinterest ;) aren't they super duper cute?!


28 März 2014

where i live

folks, i know there are lots of beautiful places in the world but sometimes you just gotta look out of your window to see that you actually live in one of them.

i'd like to introduce you to the adorable city i call home: berne in switzerland. if you ever happen to be in town don't hesitate to contact me through any of my social media pages, i'll get you a free tour whenever possible because berne definitely deserves to be looked at. what a cozy and historical place..

24 März 2014

sporty spice

remember when i posted this dressing room selfie on instagram? i wasn't satisfied at all with the look! okay, that's an understatement, i felt totally depressed since i 1) almost didn't get in (size m!!) and 2) felt like i was wearing my onesie pj which was not what i was going for....

however, when i spotted this jumpsuit at h&m only a couple of days later i had to try it on! there was only one size left, which is why i kinda look like sporty spice of the spice girls ;) i love it though! i'm totally going to pack this for barcelona. 

i'll add some accessories to polish up the outfit i think. follow me on instagram, if you don't want to miss out on more pics. i'm totally gonna spam you with all the photos live from barça...

23 März 2014

have dessert..

as you may already have seen on instagram (@nissybunique), i got my hands on the most adorable bowl! aren't they perfect for a her&his dessert?! they look even prettier filled with ice cream and berries ;)

22 März 2014


i payed my brother a visit a few weeks ago - which has already been way too long ago - and i was very surprised to find these little mickey's (as in mickey mouse) in his apartment. they actually belong to his room mate but since he wasn't home for a few days i got to feed them :) that's why i was able to take the pictures below. gosh, they are sooo agile! 

i especially like the one shown in the last photo, since he looks pretty hungovered (fyi: he's totally healthy though)xD

11 März 2014

i am

 “You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

truth be told, i don't think i'm a good blogger. i'm kinda lazy and i don't really have enough ideas to publish a post a day - okay okay you got me, not even for every other day. but i don't aspire a carrier, not even close. i'm just a girl who likes to share her thoughts and maybe - along the way - inspire or entertain others.

i'm total avarage. i'm neither skinny nor fat. i'm no jawdropper. i'm not outstanding. i'm not at all extraordinary! BUT i am a lot of other things which i think are pretty awesome. honestly, I AM awesome - in my very own way. i like to call it "nissyness"

i am:
caring - i would do anything for my family and friends
friendly - i approach strangers with a smile
brave - i threw this huge black long-legged spider out of my bedroom window myself. oh and i change the tires of my car. but that another quality..

independent - that's the word i was looking for previously. however, everyone needs someone. i may don't need one to help me with my car or to put an ikea shelve together but sometimes you just want to be a girl, sitting on the porch, watching him chopping wood. you know what i mean ;)
passionate - in everything i do, even cleaning my apartment!
considerate - i look out for others and their feelings. my brother keeps telling me i'm like a mum.
emotional - i cry crocodil tears whether i'm happy or sadin fact, i have to hold back the tears while looking at this photograph i took on a beach in california simply because there are so many beautiful things i've got to experience during my stay. i'm feeling so blessed.

adventorous - i spent 9 month in california and ever since i get this funny feeling inside when thinking of travelling. i can' wait to see what else the world has to offer..

enthusiastic - i'm getting excited for the little things. seriousely, the guy who invented tooth paste is a genius! i even use it to clean my toe nails before the diy mani! it makes them smooth, clean and most of all, they won't stain. i can go without nail polish and people would ask me if i "french nailed" my toes xD
frank - i say what i think. not always in the nicest but in the most honest and well-intended way

and last but not least:

i am proud of who i am

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