11 September 2011

Switzerland's Provence

A few weeks ago was the hottest day in 2011. My friend and I packed our beach stuff and looked for a comfortable spot on a lake. Because we wanted at location, where we've never been, we drove around for a while. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that not only we were yearn for a cooling, but also hundreds of other people. We decided to reverse and drove to our place where we are otherwise. On the way we drove through a beautiful village named Nant. My friend and I decided to come here later again.

Yesterday, we packed our cameras (By the way, I've bought the Nikon D5100 =)), and driven back again. The houses and the surroundings look like a village in the Provence region of France. Everything is very mediterranean and the vineyards give a real feeling to be in France. Here are some pictures:
Unfortunately I am still not proficient with the SLR ..


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