14 Juli 2014

kiehl's lip balm

i could eat that whole thing. 
seriousely. i know i'm not supposed to eat it, but i could! mango is one of those fruits i wouldn't eat "raw". however, i love smoothies, shower gels, lotions and everything else that smells of mangos. this little tube just made it on my top ten list of my current favorite things (next to the miss dior blooming bouquet perfume and these & these paez espadrilles)last week and i wouldn't want to live without it! the kiehl's lip balm in mango is amazballs!! i usually am not a fan of this glossy look since it's too sticky, but this lip balm totally convinced me with its light glow and the smoothing effect. honestly, i have to remind myself not to lick my lips all the time while wearing it.

if you aren't a kiehl's fan yet you definitely gonna turn into one after trying their lip balms..

*i am not getting paid for writing about this product. i only blog about products i love so much that i want to share them with you guys.

06 Juli 2014

strike a pose

oh how i love summer. how i love these mango cut offs!

haha i know, FUNNIEST POSE EVER (second pic) xD but that's just what i am. s o  m u c h  f u n. xD 
any comments on that? 
love you too


05 Juli 2014

munch munch

my dad sent me an email today. he never does. i thought it has to be something very important. it was. there were photos attached. i'm going to show them to you. but first i tell you what the email was about:

he saved five little hedgehogs!! the mother got killed by a car, so he fosters them. they are very greedy and grow by the day! i can't describe how adorable the sound is they make while eating! munch munch.. xD

04 Juli 2014


couldn't pass by the store without getting these cuties! it's my second pair and i can't stop wearing them! they are more playful than these here but still work with anything! gosh, i'm so in love! my friends even wouldn't ask me about them cause it would end up with me talking (gushing) for hours! mhm..you roll your eyes on me ;) just get a pair yourself and then tell me how you like them..you'll see..

02 Juli 2014

catching up

it's been a while...
still busy even on the weekends ;) but this time i've got some pics to share. sandy (who i met in california) and i met in zurich the previous weekend to catch up. we had a late lunch which was delicious by the way. i just can't get enough of italian food!! they know the good stuff in life, right?! 

we had a wonderful afternoon and i can't tell you how much i miss those beautiful, fun, memorable cali days with my girls! they really made this whole experience so much better than it already was! wish i could hang out with them allll the time!

photography by sandy & nissy

15 Juni 2014

sun - sun - burn

uff....i'm currently working 10-12 hours/day, which is why i didn't want to spend even more time in front of a computer screen. but i felt like today i could manage to type a few words and keep you updated with what's going on. well, that's it. that's what going on. working, eating, sleeping, repeat. sometimes i manage to squeeze in little workout but most of the time i'm just done - can't lift myself anywhere than in my bed. my bed's my best friend these day. but i don't really want to complain. i love my job and there are going to be days i only have to work a few hours or not at all.

but before this whole working-my-ass-off month started i went hiking with my mom, dad and the puppy. the sun was shining the whole day, but the light breeze made the hiking bearable. At the end of the day, however, i burned my back so badly (despite putting on sunscreen (SPF 50) and refreshing it every hour) that i seriousely couldn't feel anything than a pausing ache. i kinda freaked out because i only saw the damage i've done to my skin when i came off the shower. neither my mom or my dad had seen it during the hike. i went to the pharmacy the next morning and bought after sun and some foam spray to ease the stretching and allay inflammation. it didn't peel or anything and my skin looks normal/healthy again - thank god! so guys, don't forget to put on sunscreen, stay in the shade as much as possible and don't forget to stay hydrated! my next hike is definitely going to be on a day in fall when the sun isn't burning down so much ;)

05 Juni 2014

team paez

some of you might have seen my new espadrilles on instagram (@nissybunique), and for those who haven't i'd like to share it once again with some more details attached. i was looking for comfy and stylish shoes for spring/summer for quite some time, but when i visited barcelona in april and layed my eyes on these espadrilles i new i have finally found them! not only are they available in lots of cute patterns (check out those!) but they also make you feel like walking on candy cotton! i've been wearing them almost every day ever since i bought them and never had one blister or sweaty feet. beside they're cool look they also are perfect for long strolls through the city or beach days as they are very light.

i went with a ordinary color since i like to wear them a lot and they really go with everything.

what are you? team toms or team paez?

03 Juni 2014

02 Juni 2014

ciao a tutti

i'm back from milan and wanna share some photos i took. we really just stayed whole 2 days (arriving thurday evening and departing sunday morning) but i think we got to see everything we wanted - milano isn't that big after all ;)
we stayed at an apartment which we rented via airbnb. it's close to navigli, which is where the channels and lots of super cute little restaurants are. we first though that apperitivo is just what it says: appetizer, but oh my, that was an actual course!! during our short stay we ate way too much pasta, pizza and oh don't get me even started with all the delicious gelato! if it was for me, i would have lived on ice cream those whole two days! 
anyways, duomo wasn't far either. it only took us a 15 minute walk, well if you cut out the time we spent inside all those store which we passed ;) if you happen to be in milan you definitely need to see the duomo from the inside. it's very impressiv and got me goosebumps - the atmosphere's so powerful! we went the second (not so hot) day, since we weren't dress appropriate to enter. also the galleria vittorio emanuelle II is a must see and right next to the duomo.
since is was pretty hot (over 27°C) the first day we decided to...guess what..have a gelato!! haha! and have a rest at the parco sempione. on saturday we went to brera, the old town of milan where we enjoyed a lighter meal which means: melon with parma ham & capresewe also went shopping but i was well-behaved and only went for two things. pretty damn good, huh?! ;) i therefore took lots of picutres which i hope you're going to enjoy... arrivederci!

28 Mai 2014

extended weekend

two of my very good friends and i are going to milan, italy tomorrow! honestly, i've hardly seen anything of europe yet, but those city trips are totally becoming my thing :) it's so nice to experience other cultures, eating delicious food and maybe even speak another language. travelling - especially if only for a few days - can cause great stress, but as for me it forces me to relax, taking things as they come, but most of all - and this is the best one - let me forget work and all the other stuff on my to do list. 

i'm going to read maddie's city guide on the daily dose now. writing down a few street names never hurt nobody, right? ;)

oh, and don't forget to follow me on instagram @nissybunique


27 Mai 2014

tunesday: history of rap

i love jimmy fallon. i love justin timberlake. i love hip hop. so all three together are pure awesomeness!! 

just had to share all 4 parts with you :)

26 Mai 2014

morning routine: makeup

as a next step i apply the anti blemish solutions liquid makeup which is very light and great for a no makeup makeup on regular working days.
if some important meetings or dates are planned for the day i put on mac's mineralize skinfinish natural powder and highlight my cheeks with the mineralize blush. other than that i only add black eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. i'm kinda addicted to lipsticks since the glasses i'm wearing are pretty chunky and there's no eyeshadow or any kinda eye makeup you actually would see behind them. so a pop of color on the lips is the perfect thing to add.

25 Mai 2014

morning routine: moisturizing

i apply the dr. hauschka facial toner by spraying it on my face (two pumps)and spread the moist with a cotton pad. now my pores are fully prepared for hydration.
i tried a few day creams by dr. hauschka but they just don't work for me, which is why i stick to clinique's moisture surge intense. i know they recommend using the intense cream only for masks and for the night but it works great for me during the day. i always assumed that using rich creams was total nonsense since my skin already was oily but when i started using the intense cream my skin regenerated and the pimples soon got less. my skin over compensated the dryness by regreasing! who would have thought that!?! 
in summer i always apply sunscreen. it's so important to look after your skin - not only on your face! i received this facial sunscreen in a goodie bag and even though i used it every day last summer i still got some left. it smells a bit funny but did do it's job pretty good. however, i'm eager to try out some other ones. if you happen to know a good & not too heavy facial sunscreen please let me know! additionally, i use the city block sheer spf 25 which works perfectly as a makeup primer. 

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