21 November 2013

in love with a movie

hi love bugs,

as you seen on this post i was invited to the pre-premiere of the hunger games:catching fire movie yesterday. i didn't read the books but i really loved the first movie. not just because i've got a huge girl crush on jennifer lawrence but also because i associate the story with the reality. People who are getting oppressed, living on nothing and people like us having it all. i'm not saying that we are doing it on purpose but we don't really do anything to make a change, right?! - or at least just very little of us.
movie doesn't only convince with the story but also with great acting and super cool special effects. it's so catchy and touching! i actually even got scared two times and almost stood in my chair. not to mention that i almost cried 5 times (really had to hold it back, guys)!!

i highly recommend you to go watch the movie! if you didn't happen to have seen the first one, go rent the dvd and watch it first - you really should see all of them to understand the action.

can't wait for the third and last part!

17 November 2013

back to school

hi lovies,

in switzerland it's common to do an apprenticeship in any kinda line of business and that's what i did. i graduated as a management assistant 3 years ago and since that's quite some time ago (i mean, time goes by just soooo fast, don't you think?!) i organized a class reunion for last friday. i know you usually would do that after 10 years but i found that's way too long to wait. 

we went for dinner, catched up with everyone and then went clubbing all together. boy, that was an AWESOME night! =)

the pics below show two of my ex class mates / lovely friends and me. we met a little earlier for some pre-drinks ;)

as you may see, this pic was taken early in the (next) morning xD don't know the guy who's photobombing

anyone see my eyes? lost them somewhere at 2am xD

16 November 2013

catching fire

hi lovies,

thursday was not a good day for me. nothing went right and by the time i got home from work i was devastated. luckily i didn't forget to check the mailbox this day and what i found between all the bills was my savior of the day ;) the guys of "20 minuten", sent me tickets for the movies. i really am into the hunger games (part 1) movie (didn't read the books though) and now that the second part comes out in switzerland, i'm really looking forward to it! i'll let you know what i think about it.

11 November 2013

a summer dress in fall

hi lovies,

i recently came across the thought that i actually own quite a lot of clothes. we all know the kinda problem with those clothes right? many in the closet but gosh, what am i gonna wear? it just seems as if i don't have anything i would like to wear. oh yeah, there was this pretty sweater i saw at the h&m store and oh, there were those great jeans on the mannequin at mango's. and then, girls, then we go buy that sh*t, we would wear it maybe two times and guess what, a few month later we will find it in our closet when looking for the OOTD and yes, we won't consider wearing it, because there really isn't anything we'd like to wear from it. 
so i decided to change that immediately and put on that pretty red summer dress i last wore about a year ago and paired it with my oversized grey sweater and black tights. how do you guys like it?

09 November 2013

plus size?!

hi lovies,

today i'd like to talk about an article about the plus size model robyn lawley i read in the german cosmopolitan. since the article is in german and i'm more comfortable in writing in my mother language, this post's gonna be in german as well. please feel free to use the google translator in the sideboard if you're intrested in what this is all about and read this article of elle.com for more information.

als erstes möchte ich sagen, dass ich sicherlich verstehe, dass cosmopolitan nicht verantwortlich für den ausdruck "plus size" ist, sondern diesen ganz einfach übernommen hat. ich persönlich finde jedoch, dass "plus size" robyn lawley's körper nicht entspricht. entschuldige bitte aber wenn dass "plus size" also sozusagen übergewichtig ist, was bin dann ich? ein mugel - halb mensch, halb kugel (idee geklaut von sophie remme)?? klar bin ich nicht zufrieden mit meinem körper aber wer findet seinen schon so richtig toll? ich muss dazu aber auch sagen, dass ich mit meinen körper vor meinem sprachaufenthalt in amerkia so ziemlich zufrieden war. 
meine masse: 1.74cm, 70kg (vorher 63kg -> mein idealgewicht)
wenn ich dann aber solche artikel lese und mir diese bilder ansehe, wird mir schlecht! robyn ist kurvig und sexy, kein knochengestell halt. ich finde es nur unheimlich schade, dass dann gleich der stempel "plus size" drauf gedrückt wird. es existieren bilder von ihr (google sie doch mal) im bikini, die ich tausend mal schöner und ästetischer finde als die von einem victora's secret model. 

was ich eigentlich sagen möchte:
frauen dieser welt, ihr seit wunderschön und wegen euren kurven noch lange nicht "plus size"! 
ich möchte hier nochmal klarstellen, dass ich selbstverständlich z.b. blogs von frauen lese und anschaue, die meist schon fast modelmasse haben. ich interessiere mich aber mehr für ihren modegeschmack - wie man also was kombinieren kann ect. - und nicht für ihre figur. ich liebe auch food blogs! echt, ohne gutes essen könnt' ich nicht leben! essen ist ja nicht = fett und ungesund. essen ist leben, geniessen und vor allem seinen körper mit nährstoffen versorgen. wer dies tut und nebenbei auch noch ein bisschen sport macht, der ist meiner meinung nach gesund und schön - auch mit rundungen!

danke für eure aufmerksamkeit.

06 November 2013


hi lovies,

i'm normally not a fall lover but this year i'm enjoying the chilly weather and the colored leaves. this may be because of my addiction to tight. i l-o-v-e wearing them! - either combined with skirts or shorts and since pink seems to become (or is it already?) the color of fall, i felt like i matched the trend pretty well with this outfit:

04 November 2013

light pink

hi lovies,

parkas are yesterdays news! today we show off our pink coats! i never thought of me as girlish or cute, mostly because i am 1.74m tall and neither petite nor graceful, but this light pink coats are just so compelling! it's something totally different compared to the natural fall colors such as orange, burgundy, brown ect. and that i think is the most exciting thing about it.

1 Cocorosa in Valentino | 2 Ashley in Topshop | 3 Camille in Simone

02 November 2013


hi cuties,

at this time, i'm all in for all kind of interior and decor stuff. i just feel like i missed out on my inner calling to become an interior architect ;) actually i'm impassioned with quite a lot things: social media, music, designing, decorating, organizing/planning, travelling, writing just to name a few. well, with being a clerk i obviously chose the wrong occupation to live it up, huh?!

enough of the rambling, this post is about walls. not just some kind of wall, but the walls in my room. white, plain walls (seen on my instagram). the reason why is simple: i am afraid of holes. okay now this post's getting weird in so many ways. strictly speaking, i don't like to fill up the holes in the walls when moving out or even just redecorating. hang up a picture, a shelve, whatever it is, it will damage the wall. but who would i be telling you all this crap if i hadn't a simply solution which works perfectly, at least for me. the ordinary way sometime is the better: i printed some of my favorite instagram photos i took on 120gr white paper, cut them in the typical 15x15 shape, added some double-sided tape (scotch does it too) and pressed it on the wall for 3 sec. voilà!

there is no better way than posting the picture of your selfmade instawall on instagram ;)

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