06 November 2011

Moving Pictures

On Friday after work I met a friend in Bern. We walked around and joined to a large crowd. They had all gathered at the federal parliament building to watch the moving pictures (I hope it's the correct word for "Lichtspiel"). At 7:00pm and 8.30pm the federal parliament building is used for 15 minutes as a projection by a group of high-intensity projector. Unfortunately, I left the camera at home again (I should take it with me everywhere). That's why I have a few blurry photos taken with the iPhone. The moving picutres were beautiful and the french group of authors has done a really good job.

Image via Google

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  1. I love these pictures. It's so convenient to have a strong camera on the iPhone. I use mine more than my regular camera.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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