27 Juni 2013

a braid for a change

hi sweetie pies,

as you know, i'm totally in love with hair (in general) and i find mine the best accessory i could possibly every have! so when i got bored of my normal look which appears to be dry blown straight hair i decided to make a change. since i'm kinda lazy these day (workaholic whould be the right word to describe myself) i just braided my wet hair into a french braid and let it dry over night. then in the morning i looked like a lion ;) check out the pics.

before bed


ready for work

26 Juni 2013

new in: tommy hilfiger sweater

hi love bugs,

i was kinda proud when i realized that i didn't do any of my normal excessive shopping tours at the weekends for the past month (or months? it feels like ages). so when i saw this tommy hilfiger sweater i didn't waste a thought and just bought it. i know it's summer but i felt like cuddling up on the couch, watching tv and napping the whole day. though, i find the sweater's great for chilly summer evening too or what do you think?

22 Juni 2013

the support, the nice words, the love

hi sweethearts,

these weeks in june had been crazy and there's no change in sight. i'm working like a 11 hours a day and there is simply nothing i'd like to do better than falling into my bed and sleep. it's like the days passing by without me noticing and that's kinda sad because the weather turned out to finally realizing that it acutally is summer! thanks to ally who is super supportive i didn't just locked me up in my room but enjoyed nice (and late) dinners, foot bads and refreshing facial masques. i'm so lucky to have her and all my other friends and family who are understanding and thoughtful even when i'm an annoying a pain in the ass ;)

thank you so much for being there, always!

okay, my family actually doesn't really have a choice ;) lol

20 Juni 2013

the chefs

hi love bugs,

my roomie and i both love to cook and what’s better than a cooking session together after work. we’d have some drinks and talk about the day. although, we sometimes just listen to music and sing along, no talking at all. we make the perfect team since ally knows how to cook and prepare food i don’t. on the other hand she doesn’t like to chop veggies or use the oven. she also stopped asking for everything and is now just going to get ;) „the list“ is now a rarely seen friend but still ready in case of a relapse. honestly, i’m pretty sure ally is going to hit the 10 mark line sooner or later, which mean i’d like you to keep suggesting “punishments” for the big day ;)

19 Juni 2013

offline and on the line

hi lovies,

unfortunately the wifi said goodbye after only 4 days of working properly. that’s why ally and i called the helpline which wasn’t helpful at all. the first guy had no idea of anything at all and passed us to a woman who didn’t listen and thought we had problems with the tv (which works perfectly fine) then passed us to the next guy when she finally understood that the problem concerns the wifi. the second guy told us what we already new namely the neighbor’s wifi’s working, ours is offline and the all the connecting cables are alright. even though the 1 hour phone conversation was for nothing, ally and i stayed polite and calm which made us kind of proud since we really were pissed off ;)

well, we’re online now and i want to share our super improvised clothes drying line (no idea how to name it otherwise;)) we came up with this solution because the clothes just won’t dry in the laundry room downstairs. our apartment smells heavenly fresh and clean now (we have to keep the windows open 24/7 though).

18 Juni 2013

tunesday: she and him - sunday girl

just love this song! not only because i do love zooey but this is just sooo not what's in the radio these days and i'm soo tired of those songs. so, here it is, my favorite song of the week..

11 Juni 2013

the list

hi love bugs,

the life as an independent, young, dynamic woman is beautiful, exciting and lovely! i enjoy the freedom of doing whatever pleases me. then there is my super cool roomie, ally. she's funny, caring, such a cheerful soul. BUT we really have to get used to live together... we just can't stop asking for something the other bought. it's like "ally can i have some of the cream cheese?", "sure! what's mine is yours too" then "nissy, do you mind me using your hair dryer?", "of course not. do and use whatever you want and need". i could go on forever. so we decided to start the list.
every time one of us ask for something, the one gets a point. we didn't decide what we do when we hit the 10 mark but we may have to think about it fast because ally has the lead ;) haha

do you have any suggestions for a gentle "punishment"?


tunesday: macklemore & ryan lewis - the ceiling can't hold us

the perfect song to start a long drive, to party, to hang out with friends or simply to enjoy the sun. i especially love the beat.

10 Juni 2013

welcome home

hi lovies,

i finally moved out of my parent’s house and in in my new apartment in berne. my unpaid helpers (speak: friends) did a great job! they helped me getting all my stuff in the 4th floor (!!) without an elevator. when we finished (in only 3 hours) i collapsed into bed. those were crazy but very exciting days and i'm so thankful for everyting right now.

today it's been a week and the first wifi-is-finally-working day and guess what, i still love it! the apartment is getting cozier and homey day by day and this is how it looked a few days ago (i already redecorated and moved some furniture):

08 Juni 2013

Packed up

hi cuties,

i wrote this post before the moving, couldn't post it though, the wifi was dead. so here it is now:

today is "moving day" part 1!! I packed almost all my stuff and am now ready for a new life. Yesterday i already was in the apartment and i couldn't help but spending about 2 hours in there and just looking at the rooms, laying in the (empty) bathtub, siting on the floor of every room and imagine how it will be with all our furniture. do you want to take a look? this is what i call "home" from now on:

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