28 Mai 2014

extended weekend

two of my very good friends and i are going to milan, italy tomorrow! honestly, i've hardly seen anything of europe yet, but those city trips are totally becoming my thing :) it's so nice to experience other cultures, eating delicious food and maybe even speak another language. travelling - especially if only for a few days - can cause great stress, but as for me it forces me to relax, taking things as they come, but most of all - and this is the best one - let me forget work and all the other stuff on my to do list. 

i'm going to read maddie's city guide on the daily dose now. writing down a few street names never hurt nobody, right? ;)

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27 Mai 2014

tunesday: history of rap

i love jimmy fallon. i love justin timberlake. i love hip hop. so all three together are pure awesomeness!! 

just had to share all 4 parts with you :)

26 Mai 2014

morning routine: makeup

as a next step i apply the anti blemish solutions liquid makeup which is very light and great for a no makeup makeup on regular working days.
if some important meetings or dates are planned for the day i put on mac's mineralize skinfinish natural powder and highlight my cheeks with the mineralize blush. other than that i only add black eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. i'm kinda addicted to lipsticks since the glasses i'm wearing are pretty chunky and there's no eyeshadow or any kinda eye makeup you actually would see behind them. so a pop of color on the lips is the perfect thing to add.

25 Mai 2014

morning routine: moisturizing

i apply the dr. hauschka facial toner by spraying it on my face (two pumps)and spread the moist with a cotton pad. now my pores are fully prepared for hydration.
i tried a few day creams by dr. hauschka but they just don't work for me, which is why i stick to clinique's moisture surge intense. i know they recommend using the intense cream only for masks and for the night but it works great for me during the day. i always assumed that using rich creams was total nonsense since my skin already was oily but when i started using the intense cream my skin regenerated and the pimples soon got less. my skin over compensated the dryness by regreasing! who would have thought that!?! 
in summer i always apply sunscreen. it's so important to look after your skin - not only on your face! i received this facial sunscreen in a goodie bag and even though i used it every day last summer i still got some left. it smells a bit funny but did do it's job pretty good. however, i'm eager to try out some other ones. if you happen to know a good & not too heavy facial sunscreen please let me know! additionally, i use the city block sheer spf 25 which works perfectly as a makeup primer. 

24 Mai 2014

morning routine: cleansing

on a rainy day with summer in my mind i'd like to tell you about my morning routine which lightly changes during the warmer days.
as you may know I've got very sensitive skin which tends to outbreak on any occasion speaking lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, malnutrition ect. that's why it's even more important to me to stick to my daily routine. i haven't gone to bed without taking off my make up in years and neither did i left the house without taking care of my skin first. you still with me? okay, let's get started step by step (which means i'm going to post one step a day):

first i wash my hands since it's important to me to start this whole thing right: clean. second, i wet my face with lukewarm water which opens up the pores and prepare them for the good stuff following up. then i gently get rid of the sweat and dead pores by scrubbing my face with clinique's 7 day scrub cream. you don't wanna get rid of your skin though, so as i said: g e n t l e! next, i rinse off the scrub cream and apply dr. hauschka's cleansing cream as shown here. i stop the water in between each step!

13 Mai 2014

eurovision song contest

we had the best evening on saturday, when my brother and i were invited for dinner and to watch esc (eurovision song contest) at some friends. i honestly never watched the show before but since we were a bunch of people we had a great time! they even printed out some rating paper where you could keep score of the performances! i was taken aback when i saw the austrian contestant - a woman (who's actual name is tom neuwirth) with a beard and a tiny waist! she actually won that thing - congrats austria! i think she's got a beautiful voice and the song could totally be from a james bond movie! but enough of that, you should make up your own mind and watch the youtube video here. i also liked (in no particular order): finland, spain (disney like), uk, denmark, (bruno mars-ish) iceland and norway. did anyone else watch the esc finals?

dinner was so delicious: salom, patato wedges, asparagus, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes

12 Mai 2014

the french part

those weeks are flying by like a rocket! can't believe it's already mid-may!! well, that might be because the weather totally sucks and you wouldn't assume that summer's so close..
anyways, my friend nae and i got up early on friday and drove down to beautiful montreux. it was only a one hour drive which really took me by surprise. how does it come that i haven't been there before especially when it's so close!?! i'll definitely be back sometime this year!! so those are the many many pics we took at the promenade bordered with flowers. Unfortunately, it was pretty couldy and foggy that day, so please excuse the missing sun in the photos..at least we've got palm trees ;)

h&m skirt, denim jacket, tights, shoes, necklace | forever21 bag | vintage ring

photos by nae & nissy

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