28 September 2013

oxford street

hi cutie pies,

we did make it to london on thursday, yayyy! 
we got up before 5am and headed to the airport by 5.30am. even tough i was still pretty sleepy i couldn't have been more excited! i already fantasized about all the cool stores such as topshop, primark and next on the flight to LCY and what i would want to buy. when we arrived we directly went to oxford street and the hardcore shopping began ;)
when we got home late thursday night, we were exhausted but happy with our purchases. we actually brougt back a whole suitcase (20kg) full of clothes, shoes and so on. i'm going to show you some of my faves in an other post. stay tuned!

25 September 2013

foggy london

hi lovies,

i am suppost to be in london right now but since the airport didn't get permisson to land the plane we are still at home..waiting of the confirmation that we at least can make it to london tomorrow. it's a bummer cause i was really getting excited and was looking forward to a nice shopping trip with my roomie. i've already sorted out some clothes which i'm going to give to charity. 

Well, lets hope to fog in london will magically disappear and i'm going to sit in a plane tomorrow in the early morning ;)


20 September 2013

Black & Denim

hi lovies,

no time no see!

i acutally didn't really have to tell anything so i decided to keep my mouth shut and stay away from boring blog posts ;) 
ally and i are going to london on wednesday! that's news, huh?! even though i've already been to london not so long ago, i'm kinda excited because it's going to be a one day shopping trip! i won't see anything of beautiful london AGAIN xD don't give up on me, i'm sure i'm going to make it to a sightseeing trip at one point. i can't wait to put my hands on all the super cool clothes! i've been craving topshop for a while now and my daily routine includes a 15 minutes browes through the topshop pages. 

if you want to know what i'm up to when i'm missing on posting here on nissybunique, follow my social media pages such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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