19 November 2011

Welcome To My Closet

Hi lovies!

Today I reorganized my closet. Since I still live at home, I haven't much space for my clothes. Since my wardrobe was bursting at the seams, I unfortunately had to throw away or packaged clothes in boxes and keep them in the attic.
If I wouldn't go abroad next year, I would have moved out. Don't get it wrong, I really love my family but there is not enough room for all my stuff and certain things I would like to handle differently or just by myself. In addition, I wish I had a dressing room / walk-in wardrobe. I love clothes hanger (because of the better overview) and I would love to own three large of them. In my room (about 20
) isn't any space for them. My room is already fussy.

Now my closet is definitely back in order and almost a little bit empty. Well,
everyone knows it doesn't last for a long time ;)

Mannequins via Pinterest

Guys, THIS is how a closet have to be...

What kind of closet do you have? Do you prefer clothes hanger or shelves? Do you have a walk-in closet?


  1. wow, this is so organized! i used to have a walk in closet but my room mate got my room and now i only have a cupboard. i dont evenhave a place to hang my blouses! i really need to make some changes asap :) //dariadaria

  2. Thank you madeleine! Oh wow that is really bad! Why got your room mate your room? By the way, I love your picture (20111109) with your office space. Looks very creative! xxo

  3. Ah your wardrobe is SO tidy, very envious!x


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