10 Januar 2016

Sunday Hike // Marbachegg

Unfortunately, Switzerland didn't get much snow in December. #Siscothepup loves snow and he probably stuck his head in every patch of snow we came by on our little hike at Marbachegg. Once he even slided down the hill on his back, he's just such a weirdo!

09 Januar 2016

Homemade // Avocado Breakfast

I could eat this for breakfast every day in 2016: avocado on toast with eggs and bacon = H E A V E N!

05 Januar 2016

Sunday Hike // Gemmenalphorn

I didn't want to withhold the pictures I took next to the hiking video. The weather was just perfect, not to cold and not to warm for a sunday hike. The views were breath-taking and the fresh, clean air made me feel so alive!

Pictures taken with the Canon G7X

03 Januar 2016

Follow Me Around // Sunday Hike

My family and I love hiking and Switzerland is a total gem! I love living so close to such beautiful places.

Gemmenalphorn, Switzerland / 2015

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