30 Mai 2011

Favorite Of The Month: May 2011

My Favorite for May 2011 is Helena. I don't know who this girl is but I really like her style! And the combinations are incredible. For more information check out her blog Brooklyn Blonde.

Looks by Brooklyn Blond 

15 Mai 2011

Passion: Nail Polish

 210 Ethereal, 810 Blue My Mind, 310 Red Carpet, 819 Green With Envy, 540 Chocolate Fountain, 270 Shocker

 Astor Quick'N'Go 9

 Astor Quick'N'Go 7

  Mabelline Jade, Forever Strong

11 Mai 2011

Today's Favourite Accessories

Floral earrings, presents from a friend

Golden Bangles, Fullah Sugah

03 Mai 2011

Style Spy: Gemma Rowlands

Shades: Cobrasnake via Fashiontoast 
Sweater/Slip worn as skirt: Salvation Army

Beanie: Some random Deli I think
Top: Cut off H&M LS tee
Sunglasses: Cobrasnake

Blanket poncho: borrowed
Jeans: Courtesy of Hudson
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Clutch: Vintage

Hat: UrbanOutfitters
Cardigan: SeventhDoor (gifted)
Skirt: PlanetBLue (gifted)


02 Mai 2011

Favorite Of The Month: April 2011

Jasmin Howell, Editor of fashion blog Friend in Fashion, is the kind of girl you sort of wished was your big sister, so you could borrow her clothes - http://tangentmag.com/

Jasmin loves all things vintage, 40’s and 50’s fashion, travel, sunshine, sun dresses, high heels and bright colours. If you want to know more about Jasmin Howell, check out the Interview by Tangentmag and her Blog Friend in Fashion.

Discovered: Fullah Sugah, Greece

Hi There,
So I'm back and I'd love to share this great pictures from the greek store Fullah Sugah! It felt like heaven when I saw all these pretty things! Anyone knew the store befor? What do you think about Fullah Sugah?

Bangles about 9 €

Wedges about 55

Images by NissyBunique
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