10 Februar 2016

Stormy Sundays

It's pretty stormy in Switzerland these days, which is why Sundays mostly are for late breakfast and binge watching tv shows. I personally don't mind as relaxing is what my body needs after long working days. 

When I was a kid my mom would always tell me to not play with my food, but I'm a grown up now...

06 Februar 2016


Travelling has been my passion for as along as I’m on this beautiful planet we call earth. I consider myself privileged as my parents took me on my first vacation when I couldn’t even walk properly.
Growing up, while all the other kids went on vacation in summer, we had to help our parents, both farmers, on the fields. They told us that each of us has to earn the money for our up coming vacation. We didn’t really mind because the destination never failed to impress. I loved the fact that we fled the cold for a few weeks each winter, when the earth was frozen and no vegetable would grow. We mostly were drawn to exotic places such as the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Thailand and such.
Now that I’m grown up – at least you could think so from the look at my birth date – I would go on a big vacation (one month) once a year and keep myself busy with short trips to closer places (aka Europe) in between.  I’m not rich nor am I sponsored. I’m saving my earnings and I’m mostly travelling on a budget. I love to stay with airbnb or in hostels.
When I’m travelling I try to get to know as much as possible about the country I’m staying in. I love trying new food, talking to locals and just getting into the lifestyle in general. It’s fascinating how different people all over the world seem but in the end we are all the same. It’s not the country we are from that says who and how we are, it’s each person for themselves, deciding every day who and how we want to be.

I already planned out 2016 (Lisbon, Copenhagen & New York) and most of 2017 (Brazil and Capetown)but if you wanna tell me your favorite places to vacation, please go for it. I'd love to hear about them.
I'm ready for all the adventures waiting out there and if you want to join me feel free to add me on Instagram and stay tuned for the next travel related blog post.

03 Februar 2016

Just do it!

It’s February already but I just thought I would share my new years resolutions with you anyway (better late than never). It honestly took me the whole month of January to come up with some and even now it’s more some kinda bucket list. Anyhow, I guess everyone needs those little dreams and things to look forward to.

Let’s start with the resolutions from last year which I didn’t quite accomplished:

Drink more water

I’m doing pretty good guys! I tend to forget about my water bottle sitting next to me on my desk, but in January I managed to fill up my Camelbak (750ml / 25oz) twice a day every day – YAY! I had to use the restroom every 10min though…

Stay active

2015 started good with lots of exercise such as running, yoga and biking. That only lasted until August though. I don’t know why I stopped but that definitely proved to be a bad bad bad decision (hello +4kg on my belly – OMG that’s like being preggers and more!!!). Totally want to get into exercising again. Already signed up for a yoga class.

The new ones:

Do more of what makes me happy (and not others)

I like to make other people happy but sometimes I tend to forget about myself and my needs. I want to do things I feel good about and I want to tell people without feeling bad.

Learn a new language

I already bought some Spanish study books and downloaded the “Intro Span” app to get a basic vocabulary. My intensions are the right ones but it’s also hard to do the studying by myself. There is a lot of self-discipline involved. Let’s see how that goes...

Volunteer and give more to charity

A few of my friends volunteered in Macedonia, Greece and Croatia and I find it so brave and selfless! I donated money to them and to organizations they recommended to me.  And even though I did not work as a volunteer just yet, I think every little help is needed. And as we all know: money is not everything. Even an open mind, a smile, a conversation or a little gesture such as sharing your food can have a huge impact on someone’s life. I want to support those who do great things for humanity and I want to be a better human. Big words I sincerely want to live up to.

The big ones aka life goals aka dream on:

·         Carpooling with James Corden

·         Adopt a pet

·         Hiking a trail (Cheryl Strayed style)

·         Flying in a light aircraft (e.g. Cessna)

·         Save a life

·         Be role model for my (not unborn) children

·         Go skinny dipping on a beach

·         Living in a foreign country (kinda did that already but I would like to live there for at least 2 years)

·         Set foot in all 7 continents

·         Get a photograph published

·         Dance a whole choreography

I could go on forever but who has time for that. Instead, let’s start with one of the above!

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