25 November 2011


Actually, I only wanted to buy gloves. Oh, I did! But I've bought two sweaters and a cardigan too. I know, I'm weak when it comes to clothes. I can rarely resist. Good for you, because I can always show you my latest goodies ;)
  • I'll combine the sparkling black sweater with a skirt. That will match perfect for Christmas festivities. Conveniently, the sweater could be worn with jeans as well 
  • Worn with leggins the oversized sweater is great for lazy afternoons with friends.
  • The cozy cardigan will keep me warm on those cold winter days. I can't wait the wear them!
(I'll show you the gloves in tomorrow's post ;))

bought @ H&M
PS: On Instagram and Twitter, I've posted a sneak peek of today's post. This post is replaced, but will be published tomorrow.

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  1. I can never just buy one thing either
    it's just too hard
    loving your blog & how you put everything together
    thanks for the comment, now following :)
    follow back?



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