30 April 2013

tunesday: kina grannis - gone

hi music fans,

some years ago i discovered kina's channel on youtube and  i fell in love with her voice immediately. it's so recognizable and her own songs are catchy! enjoy...

29 April 2013


hi you lovely people,

i can't tell you how much i love spring! it's getting warmer,  the people on the streets are smiling more often and aren't stressed out. they are happy - happy because it's spring. the blooming flowers are magnificent. they smell like heaven (for those who don't have a pollen allergy ;)) and attract the birds and bees. nature is fully alive and i am too. i love to feel the sunshine on my skin, heating my body up, filling it with energy. i can't get enough this:


28 April 2013

whisky & cola

hola chicas y chicos,

i promised to show you some pics of our kitty cats. they are so adorable and now starting to open their eyes, discovering the world outside their "nest" step by step. it's amazing how fast they grow! and dios mio, those little paws and the rosy heartshaped nose.. i could eat them!!

their names
white&black = cola
redish&white = whisky

27 April 2013


hi lovies,

thursday was a big day. my brother graduated and now officially is a nurse. since our parents couldn't be there because they had to work i was all by myself, so i applauded as loud as i could and pretty much done the whole embarrassing-the-kid-as-much-as-you-can thing on my own ;) i was soo proud that i actually had to fight the tears! i mean, he's my little brother, he just moved out and even though he lives only 1.5h (by car) away from me i miss him a lot.

23 April 2013

tunesday: mac miller - knock knock

hi music lovers,

it's tunesday again and this time i'd like to present you mister malcolm james mccormick aka mac miller. at the age of 21 he's way more successful as i am with 22 and of course, he's a much better singer/rapper/whateveryouwannacallit.

so let him in (your playlist...)

22 April 2013

pollow combo

hi guys,

i love the color (is it a color or isn't it?) white. i'd love to furnish my room in the new apartment and maybe the living room as well (if ally's letting me..;)) all in white. it's simple yet elegant and the huge avantage: you're able to change the whole appearance by changing the decoration. that's why i love curtains, pillows, candles, vases, plants, flowers and all the other stuff which makes an apartment a cozy, comfortable, stylish home. i'm trying to figure out which color will dominate the concept..starting with the pillows..

how do you start deciding the color concept of your apartment? are you more the colored furnish type of guy?


21 April 2013

apartment layout

hi sweeties,

how is your weekend so far?
mine is great! ally and i went visiting an apartment very close to the city center yesterday and we just have to have it!! it would fit perfectly to us! it's in the 3rd floor and has a cute little balcony. the ceiling is so impressive and the floor is herringbone parquet which makes the rooms so cozy. we really hope to get it but unfortunately there were lots of other people who went visiting the apartment.
cross your fingers for us...

sorry for the bad quality, via

18 April 2013

all about being h-o-m-e

hi there,

i'm so sorry for being such a flaky blogger.. i've been working all week  and been very busy with apartment hunting. ally and i are kinda enjoying it to see so many apts and already thought of doing this as a hobby ;) but of course we'd go visiting some fancy 5'000$ city apartments in a pre WWII tenement with a nice view and huge rooftop and not only those for 1'500-2'000$.

something totally different:
the pup is as good as cured and he became an uncle! well, it may sounds weird to you but our pets are family to us and and since our cat gave birth to 2 super cute kitten this week we all are more than a even bigger happy family. Iim gonna show you some pics next week because now they have to get comfortable at their home first.

an apartment we visited

the proud mom

check out my instagram (@nissybunique) to keep up with the news

12 April 2013

tidy out

hi sweet pies,

i don't know how you feel about interior shopping but i definitely love it as much as i love shopping clothes. the problem? i can hang clothes in my closet and therefore buy almost as much as i want, but i can't buy 3 couches or thousand decorating stuff. at some point the apartment is simply too small and you clearly don't want to overload it. i like it clean and not too messy.
you get me right?
i already have all kinds of furniture at home (at my parent's), however, nothing really matches together. as i'm planning on moving out it's the perfect occasion to tidy out. i can't wait for the new start and of course for the shopping ;)
those are some pieces i'm going to keep for sure:
globus storage

ikea clock

10 April 2013

Gallery Wall

hi love bugs,

so i'm on the mend and out of bed. how are you doing? 
the best news these days is that ally's back from her vacation and we're going meeting up tomorrow. of course i want to know everything that happened in this two weeks AND we're going to talk about the apartment hunting - yaaayyy! well i actually hope it's not only about talking about it but deciding on some dates to view some apartments. 
anyways, there's not so much going on right now in my life that's why i spend about 3 hours a day on pinterest. now you think "whaaaaaat?" but seriousely have you been on pinterest? it's incredible! on this page is everything pictured you could possibly need (or not) in your life! i found some great inspiration on decorating and am planning to include a gallery wall in the entry. ally doesn't know about that yet but i'm pretty sure she'll like it;) what do you think of these black and white sayings & pictures below? imagine them in black frames on a white wall.

via Pinterest

06 April 2013

sick as a dog

hi there,

so sorry for not posting since tuesday. i didn't feel well lately and now i'm laying in bed with the flu. i really thought this whole "positive thinking" thing would help, but it seems as if i'm not that good at it. so i'm wearing my pajama all day long, drinking tea, watching tv, feeling and looking awful. i actually got this huge, gross fiver blister sitting on my under lip and i'm pretty damn sure you could see it from space. 
but i'm not the only one who isn't feeling well our puppy is sick too. he got this tick bite and now has fever and swollen eyes and throat. my mom went to see the vet because we were so scared that it could be something dangerous. luckily, it's "just" an infection and he will get better soon. and so am i.

02 April 2013

Tunesday: Otto Knows - Million Voices

do you know this feeling? you wake up early in the morning and this song just stucks in your head. no, not only for the first few hours but for the rest of the day! it's this kind of song that seems to start over and again, like it's saying to you: give up dude, i'm endless and i'm f-ing awesome, live with it!!
i do! - for about a month now...there is no escape!

random note: those swedish people know how to create awesomeness! also check out: avicii, swedish house mafia, miike snow, lykke li

01 April 2013

happy easter

can't wait to get back to work tomorrow!! 

haha you did not really believe this right? xD

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