28 Juni 2015

Roadtrip 2015 // Grand Canyon

April 25, 2015
We desperately wanted to see the antelopes in Page, AZ but the website didn’t send our booking request and we tried on three different devices! When we called them, we were told that the tour was sold out. That’s why we decided to head to Flagstaff instead and check out the places nearby. I got to tell you guys, that Airbnb experience was one of our best! We stayed at Doug’s place. His house is situated in a pristine forest a few miles out of Flagstaff. The house is charming and welcoming and I would have stayed longer if our schedule wasn’t as tight. The hot tub was highly appreciated after the hikes. Doug himself is a very talkative, honest guy who loves living out there with his super adorable dog Hazel.
Phew, that was a lot of advertising but yeah, go check it out!
So as previously mentioned we wanted to make up for missing the antelopes and head to the secret canyon in Sedona instead. That didn’t work out so well though. Halfway between Flagstaff and Sedona it started pouring down like there is no tomorrow! We didn’t bring a rain jacket and we were pretty sure that the hike would have become more of a swim which is why we turned around and spent the day in. What a bummer! At least we got to see Furious 7 as we went to the movies in the evening – I know this movie was out in Switzerland as well and we could have gone for one that didn’t premier at home yet but we just felt like it..

April 26, 2015
You can’t imagine how shocked we were when we woke up to snow that morning! It was freezing cold outside – we were used to 25°C + (77°F) and not to 6°C (43°F)!! First thing we did was buying a jacket. Embracing the snow we drove the 1.5 hours to the big old whole. The snow thankfully melted away pretty fast and the only evidence left were the puddles spreading everywhere. My favorite hike was the one on the Kaibab trail. If we had a spare day I would have loved to hike all the way down the Kaibab trail and up the Bright Angel trail. I never would have thought I could be that impressed by a whole but apparently I can! You got to not only see but experience this for yourself. Don’t just stop at the lookouts, go on a trail, even if just you walk just for a little while it’s worth the effort – and honestly, there’s much better picture opportunities ;)

Getting home exhausted but happy we couldn’t wait to get in that hot tub. I asked my brother to take a picture right away so I could sent it so my friends, telling them to get one as well so we could have hot tub parties in the winter, haha!

25 Juni 2015

Roadtrip 2015 // Zion National Park

April 24, 2015
I looked at pictures of Zion National Park online before and even then I was stunned. But when we came closer to the park I was even more impressed! The red rocks towering on each side of the only road leading through – Amazing! Unfortunately, we totally forgot that Zion is in the State of Utha = -1 hour!! So we got a little stressed out as we wanted to see as much as possible. As we experience dodgy weather that day we only hiked the Angels Landing trail and a few miles of the Narrows trail. We didn’t want to risk anything by being surprised by floods so we didn’t get too far into the slots. Despite the weather we very much enjoyed the hiking and it was hard to concentrate on the trail with this picturesque views.

I would definitely go back and hike theSubway! That trail must be astonishing too!

21 Juni 2015

Roadtrip 2015 // Las Vegas

April 22, 2015
After spending 4 hours in the car – okay, okay there were some pee breaks in between – we were glad to have arrived in fabulous Las Vegas. We didn’t drive by the sign nor had we seen the strip yet in fact our single target was the premium outlet. And we shopped the day away ;) later that day we checked in at the palms where we got a king bed room on the 30th floor for only 50$/night. I loved that room! The bed was huge, the view amazing and the bad room modern and clean. I could not wait to take a loooong shower. A friend of ours recommended having dinner at Bon Ami Gabi which is located right across Bellagio and its famous fountain. We only waited about 10-15min. to get a table outside on the patio and I’m telling you, I would have waited even 45min to be seated there! That view and atmosphere was perfect – and so was the food. 

April 23, 2015
We slept in until around 12.30pm that day. Do you want to know why? - no we didn’t party that hard. I mean we did party but - when we got back the night before, we had to wait in the lobby for 4 hours as there was a water leak in the pipe on the 15th floor and it was flooded completely. After not being able to get up with the elevator, we decided to take the stairs. Remember, our room was on the 30th floor! Well it wasn’t that bad actually. It only took us 5min to get up there and because we only had this huge king size bed in mind it wasn’t that exhausting – not as exhausting as waiting in the lobby for so long. They refunded the night and we didn’t complain. That stuff can happen and at least they tried hard and provided blankets, pillows and snacks. Anyhow, we took a cap to the entrance sign or however it’s called and took some pictures there. Then we walked all the way back on the strip and stopped at the New York New York hotel to ride the rollercoaster which was super fun – we took the front row seats. After strolling around and walking through almost ever hotel - can you imagine how many miles that are?! No? Sooooooooooooo many, I swear! Luckily for me and my feet, we took the bus to downtown where the LED thingy is. The old Las Vegas was still had its charm but I still prefer the “new” one..

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18 Juni 2015

Roadtrip 2015 // Redondon Beach

April 21, 2015
I couldn’t wait to get to Redondo Beach, my home, the place it all started. That day I missed my girls Sandy, Sophie & Patty so much! I spent so much time with them back then; they are like sisters to me and I miss them so much! That’s why it was even cooler to get to see my ex teacher and dear friend Sabina for lunch -> selfie time!! ;) She recommended going hydro-biking in Long Beach to us which sounded like so much fun we put it on the far top of our to do list. Since my nails looked like those of a mechanic – no offense to those hard working guys & girls – I was desperate to stop by at my favorite mani pedi place. I convinced my brother – well it didn’t really take much – to get a mani pedi as well – no nail polish. We stopped by at my old apartment and at the happiest place on earth – no not Disneyland – Yogurtland!! I’m such an addict :)

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