31 Mai 2012

Favorite Of The Month: Jennifer Humphrey

I'm so sorry that I skiped the Favorite Of The Month March and April 2012 posts! I was really busy with my plans for California and all the things I had to do for my last month at my job. Hope you don't mind...

The more I look forward to present you the Favorite Of The Month May 2012 Jennifer Humphrey! She's the beautiful face behind the blog a go-go, which she released in July 2010. Jen is a model, living in Los Angeles, CA. She looks totally adorable in every single picture! I fell in love with her style since I stopped by at her blog for the first time. If you think the same way as I do, follow her on:

PS: I love the music on her blog! Nice gadget ;)

Images via aGoGo

28 Mai 2012

Memorial Day & Vacation Plans

Hi sweeties,

I didn't expect the weather would be so great this weekend because it was pretty cold on Friday. Since I have no car here in California (to little money for all the insurance stuff ect.), my friends and I just rent one when there's nobody who own a car who wants to join us on our trips. Unfortunately we canceled the trip to Malibu this weekend because of the bad weather forecast. Rough luck! 
But we spent the days with a little shopping spree and beach time in Redondo, which was cool too. I also skyped with my family and my friends. it was so good to see them!

By the way, I told them about my plans for vacation...guess where I'm going?! It's somewhere next to California, there are delicious tacos, mojitos and from June 2nd to June 9th a happy me laying on a beautiful beach with the girls ;)
Any idea?! =)

Happy Memorial Day!

24 Mai 2012

Love Life And Life Loves You Back

Hi lovies,

Just want to let you know that life can't be better ;) 

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holy crap, my legs look huge :O

20 Mai 2012

Forever 21 & more

Hi lovies,

I totally forgot to show you my goodies I bought here in California. I love everything and I wish there would be a Forever 21 in Switzerland! I love this store and almost spent three hours in there ^^

I hope to find some cool vintage stores too and I really wanna check out some other cool stores... 

Forever 21 Dress

H&M Shoes

Shoes (unfortunately, I don't remember where I bought them -> bad blogger)
Aldo Bag

Forever 21 Necklace

Essie Nail Polish

Forever 21 Dress

Forever 21 Skirt

15 Mai 2012

Everybody Comes To Hollywood...

Hi friends,

I did a little Hollywood trip over the weekend and it was awesome! Even if I already visited Hollywood with my school, this was a new experience for me. On Saturday we visited the Walk of Fame and had lunch at Café Aubrey. Since I've never been in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, the visit was a must. It was pretty cool but I don't have to go another time.. We also went to the Hollywood sign. The view is beautiful and took about a hundred photos ;) In the evening, we went out to the Avalon club. It was ok, but I really hope there are some cooler clubs here in LA too. 
On Sunday we spent the day on the Rodeo Drive. It's a beautiful promenade but I can't affort to buy something there - I'm a student now. Too bad! Anyways, the weekend was awesome but I really have to go for a nap now...

03 Mai 2012

Redondo Beach

Yesterday I went to school by foot even though it was drizzling. I really enjoy every day here in Redondo Beach and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to stay here for 6 months. Actually, I post a lot about beauty, lifestyle or fashion but for these few months I would like to focus on my personal life here. I hope you don't mind ;) I promise to do some regular stuff too!

Please let me know if you would like to see some special posts here. You can send me to some special places and I'll take some pictures for you =)

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