21 November 2011

Fav Five

I'm a totally junkie when it comes to TV series. Even if I deny it rather, this is my coming out. Yes I love Grey's Anatomy and yes I never missed a season of One Tree Hill (thank god for recording devices;)). So in this post I'll show my favorite TV series, started with the beloved Gossip Girl.

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Gossip Girl

Yes, Gossip Girl is about rich, spoiled teenager who look like they're 20 or 23. And yes, serena, blair, jenny, chuck, nate and dan kissed each other at least once. Yes and I still love Gossip Girl. It's worth to turn on TV just to watch and admire the designer dresses, shoes and handbags.

Grey's Anatomy

I can't remember the first season but I watched Grey's Anatomy from the beginning. It's weird if you witnessed how intimidated medical students become self-conscious doctors. Of course there are always dramas. Someone doesn't follow the rules, someone (well, there were several) had sex the boss and so on. Well, sometimes it was a bit boring but I've still turned on every Monday. At least, Grey's Anatomy was always about medicine too. Not like Scrubs. But
the leader of all medical TV series is...

Dr House

Do you know that the medicine matters are really researched and true? Pretty cool huh? Even if Gregory House was anything but likable at the beginning, he always got my respect. He's always right with his diagnoses. And although he's super selfish, it still made him kind of interesting. Do you agree?

Plain Jane

A shy girl (actually aready a woman) dresses like a 12 year old have a crush on a cool guy. Yes, the fashionable Louise Roe makes her dream come true. the plain jane get the dress and the guy and they live happily ever after. Ahh, how romantic (and trashy).. ;)


A girl, a suicide attempt (an accident) and the crazy high school life. Jenna hasn't really an easy life. Her mother, the hottie had no idea how a mother should act. Anyways, I just like Awkward. 

What kind of TV series do you watch?


  1. I watch so much TV too
    I just finished all the season of gossip girl on Netflix
    it was so inspiring! the styles were amazing


  2. I adore gossip girl! chuck is so damn hot!

  3. haha most girls are junkies when it comes to tv shows :) i love big bang theory and weeds! //dariadaria

  4. @Bobbieaustin27: really? In this case I have to check out netflix asap =)
    @Sassi: I'm falling for Nate
    @Madeleine: haha yes you're right ;) Big Big Theory is cool. But Howard is really odious xD

  5. i love house! it's my favourite :)


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