30 Januar 2014

kitchen heaven

hi love bugs,

i love to cook even though i'm not that good at it. there is just something about a white kitchen and those beauties below are such a dream! i adore the clean yet rustically style!


29 Januar 2014

silky = classy

hi lovies,

i'm very much into silky blouses at the time and there's a good reason for that: they are awesome!!! :) seriousely, they just go with everything! wear them with a skirt, shorts or pants and you'll look classy yet not too polished.

primark shoes | h&m pants and blouses

28 Januar 2014

beyonce ft. jay-z - drunk in love

i've got such a crush on the carter family and the performance at the 56th grammy award show was soooooo cool! see for yourself in case you missed it:

26 Januar 2014

winter denim

hi lovies,

to style a denim shirt was quite challenging for me, but a girl knows how to help herself! rather than buying a bunch of those fashion magazines where i may wouldn't find the inspiration i was looking for, i asked the world wide web to help me out. i'm following lots of blogs on bloglovin and that's why i knew exactly which bloggueuses i would stalk ;)

1 angelica - angelica blick 2 natalie - natalie off duty 3 christina - trop rouge

1rst look - day time:

tally weijl faux fur vest | h&m denim shirt, jeggings | primark shoes

2nd look - night time:

due to freezing cold weather i had to go with a scarf + thights.

 all h&m

25 Januar 2014

the "aww" effect

hi lovies,

cutness overload for the weekend is coming right here and now! prepare yourself for the "awwwwww"ing ;)

happy weekend!

follow my pinterest board "wild life" for more of those cuties!

24 Januar 2014


hi lovies,

sometimes, when i'm reading or hearing lots of good stuff about something i kinda tend to fall for it... it's not with everything but if i'm craving something for a long time and there comes this one product/thing that gets hyped, i'm one of those people who would like it more day by day. it's not that i wouldn't have my own opinion on things but i like to think that people are actually telling the truth. so if they like something and i kinda relate to them i would get it for myself and built my own opinion on it. this went pretty well so far, or at least i couldn't think of anything i in the end, didn't like at all.

what i'm talking about? - the panasonic lumix gm1!

i own a nikon d1500 and i'm happy with her (i call her "nikki"). it's just that she's big and heavy (that's what every girl likes to be call, isn't it? xD). anyway, i thought of buying a smaller one for a while now and even though the lumix gm1 got my attention - which isn't only for her beautiful vintage look - i didn't get around buying her (or just one in general). one day i'm like "okay let's go get one now" and the other i'm all pussing out....i mean, it's still a lot of money to spend, right?!


23 Januar 2014

new year, new look

hi lovies,

as it's a new year and there are new chances, new opportunities and new things to try. 
i already made some visual changes like getting my hair cut (-10cm) and wearing new glasses. I also did some research on beauty products to get rid of my (pubertal??!!) pimples and decided on dr. hauschka. the products are organic, which i find great! to put less chemicals in my face has to be a good thing, right?! you can find details on how to apply the products to your skin and what incredients are used HERE and in the video below.

i started off with the cleansing cream and even though i had to get used to the applying technique i feel like i can see how my skin is changing already. however, a beauty products don't work by themselves, which is why i started eating less sweets and i drink at least 2 liters a day (the water bottles became my best friend, you should get yours too)!

let's see how this is going to turn out!

21 Januar 2014

tunesday: kina grannis - sweater weather

hi lovies,

i love kina, she's such a talent! you gotta hear her version of sweater weather (originally from the neighbourhood)


20 Januar 2014

feverish dreams of pillow cases

hi lovies

it's been a while, huh?! this is my first post in 2014 and yes i actually do know that the first month's already pass...
i've been busy being sick and working my not-so-big-anymore butt off. when i was forced to stay at home because of some badass fever, i had this crazy idea of becoming a pillow designer. i know, i know sounds like i had quite some feverish dreams ;) seriously though, i would love to print my ideas on fabric! obviously, everyone owns at least two pillows (one for the bed, one for the couch? ;)) so why not posh them up a bit?
of course i did some research and i know there are already online shops which sell the exactly same idea but it's pretty hard to find one with a ".ch" (switzerland) address. most of the time i would pay horrifying costoms dues when ordering online - i'm sure my swiss friends know what i'm talking about!

anyway, i found this reeeeeally cool online shop which is called society 6 and this is exactly how i would do it too (if i would realize this spontanious idea)! i truly love everything about it! they even have tote bags (i'm such a fan of those!!) and all kinda cases (mac, iphone, ipad..you know, all those electroic devices we can not live without anymore) - amazballs!! check out my favorite pillow case design here:


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