26 August 2013

words on a page

hi sweeties,

i'm a glutton for books and while i am usually reading romances or novels (e.g. written by rachel gibson; lauren conrad) during the week, i like it a little more sophisticated on the weekends. I just finished khaled hossini's "a thousand splendid suns" and am going to read "the 100-year-old man who climbed out the window and disappeared" by john jonasson which lots of friends recommended me.

also on my list: 

24 August 2013

the day

hi love bugs,

i celebrated my birthday on wednesday, 21st of august. well, i actually didn't really celebrate.
this week (and the the week after) are full of 11-hours-working-days. i'm a clerk at the education center of nursing. particularly i'm organizing the student's exams and am the one instructing the students in any kind of exam and supervising the writing parts. on my birthday i sat in a class room full of students telling them the do's and don't's. i didn't see any of my collegues and as i was the first one entering i was the last one leaving the building. this shouldn't sound as bad as it does, i like my job and i'm good at it but it's not something i want to do forever.

anyway, i feel like 23 isn't worth a big party or something and in general i like it more to celebrate any day any time just because i can! ;)

got the huge cup from my roomie and filled it right up with gin lemon ;) cheers

23 August 2013


hi lovies,

since i got back from the royal arena festival i hadn't had the time for even checking my mails. the weekend was full of joy, peace and good tunes! i met so many people and i loved the acts of the festival! the crowd went crazy when wutang clan performed!! it was so nice to see thousands of people in peace, enjoying the same music. i especially love the last picture (borrow of nico_skgz) because it shows exactly what atmosphere i'm talking about!!

last picture via nico_skgz

17 August 2013

follow NissyBunique

hi sweetie pies,

don't forget to follow my 

to see the pics of the royal arena festival!! everyone who loves good hiphop should attend the festival once in a lifetime! include switzerland and the festival in your europe vacation! i would love to see you here!

16 August 2013

green & orange

hi lovies,

on wednesday i was feeling like dressing up a bit just for myself. i had date with my friend dani and since we met in the evening i added the leggins. the last days weren't that summerish at all but now for the weekend the weather gods seems to be pleased and reward us with sunshine during the days and humid & hot nights. anyway, back to what i acutally was talking about: the outfit of the day.

the green blazer paired with the orange golden necklace (i decided not to let the necklace dominate the outfit and let my hair open) and loafers seemed to my mood perfectly fine. although i wouldn't wear e.g. a plain orange shirt i love when the color pops up in accessories. so that's what i wore:

stradivarius blazer
forever 21 dress
h&m leggins
francescas necklace
h&m ring
shoedazzle loafers

14 August 2013

Royal Arena

hi love bugs,

i can't wait for the weekend! last year i missed out on my favorite festival the royal arena festival since i was staying in california. this year though, i won't miss a minute of it!! i love old school hip hop even if the lyrics are a little gangster which didn't actually change over the years. i'd like to introduce you to the royal line up ;)

13 August 2013

tunesday: kb - be all right

i like to loosen up and dance like a (wannabe) hip hop dancer to this song.. xD

11 August 2013

style spy: overall

hi fashionistas,

you can't go on the streets without seeing those: dungarees / overalls. 
combined with tshirts, sweaters, blouses (or nothing at all ;)), high heels, sneakers or sandals dungarees go with everything! did you already get yours? i couldn't find "mine" yet but i for myself won't give up until i own the perfect pair. no pressure though...if i won't be able to lay my hand on them this season, i'll get them later..they are surely worth a third (or fourth or fifth) rivival ;)

07 August 2013


hi honey buns,

last sunday i was on the way to my parents when my mom called and told me that she couldn't be there because of an emergency (she's something like a volunteering nurse and besides giving cpr (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) classes ect. she also get paged in case of emergencies). so i spent the day with my dad and the puppy at the lake murten and walking through the vine yards. it was a super hot and sunny day and the pup took every chance to cool of in the water. see the pictures below.

06 August 2013

tunesday: cro - whatever

the "easy" singer cro released this song just a few weeks ago. i know it's german and not all of you will understand the lyrics (here a little translation) but it's "play"-worthy.

04 August 2013

the pool

hi lovies,

these days are way to hot to wear anything other than a swimming suit / bikini. so when my friend invited me to a little pool party i didn't waste a minute jumped in my car and drove as fast as possible (or the traffic rules allows it ;)). the water was so refreshing and the cool drinks made the day simply perfect. 

03 August 2013

red & white

hi there,

the 1st of august is the national holiday of switzerland and i absolutely love to go see the fireworks. we'd sit on the shore of the lake biel/bienne and would watch the fireworks which they fire up from a boat in the middle of the lake. it almost feels like the 4th of july i spent in california ;) although the swiss won't get all that excited and decorative which is too bad. i'd love to see some red/white cupcakes, napkins, nails etcetera but as previous years there only were flags outside the houses and some red&white lanthern. 

in conparison with the 4th of july fireworks in california the one i watched in switzerland was way bigger and longer (about 20 minuntes!!)and even goes with music. here's a little peek:

Happy 722nd Birthday Switzerland!

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