07 November 2011

It's Monday, Again..

Actually, Monday's almost over! Today I had a day off and I just noticed that I've done a lot, but managed only the half I've wanted. On my to-do list was (is):
  1. make a photo for the visa (more on that in 2012)
  2. call a few people
  3. change some Euros for a little trip (more on that later)
  4. do the laundry
  5. cleaning up
  6. pay bills (life's too expensive..)
  7. and prepare a couple of posts

Well, I've only done points 1-3. really lame, huh? Time'
s running too fast!
I've to pay the bills today. I don't like to be some of those people, who receive reminders. Sure, this could happen sometimes. But I'm not in a position that I didn't have money for paying.
No matter, the other stuff have to wait.
So, I know it's may a bit a "boring" post, but that's how my life is. It's the real life of Nissy ;)


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