28 Februar 2014

daily reads

you all know i love blogs and some of them are on my daily reading list. which really means i check them daily! sometimes even a few times a day (even though i know not one blogger who posts twice a day ;)) so i thought it might be nice to introduce you to some of my favorite and split them up in categories. i'm sure you already know most of them but maybe you find some inspiration anyway.

and since it's academy award season: ...and the oscar (aka my very own personal blog award) goes to:

Angelica Blick

amazing photography. damn edgy and cool outfits. the super stylish (girl) friend we all want to have.


Sincerely Jules

california cool. layed back. simple. effortless. the sister i've always wanted.


authentic. smart. impressive. funny and adorable all the way. the best friend you can't live without.


elegant. classy. talented (even in singing). the one you would want by your side helping you to get ready for a red carpet event.

Natalie Off Duty

creative mind. bohemian chic. sitting on the beach by a bonfire and singing along a song she's playing on the guitar.

photocredits in the links

23 Februar 2014

Dicho y hecho

my brother and i didn't go on vacation together since...uh, i don't even remember anymore! let's just say it's been way too long! so on christmas we decided to change that asap! last week then, we finally booked the 1.5h flight to this beautiful city. as you may remember i spend one day in barcelona in summer 2011 (click here to forward to the post) and it was one of the best days of those vacations! 

can't wait for this trip to start! anything i need so see while i'm there?

from the last trip

18 Februar 2014

bob bradley - sing it loud

as the weather is almost spring-ish this happy tune perfectly underlines my mood :)

enjoy "sing it loud" by bob bradley, matt sanchez, steve dymond, giuseppe de luca:

16 Februar 2014

parents in paradise

my parents are hard working people and that's why i'm always happy for them when they decide to go on vacation and spoil themselves a little. so when i received these wonderful pictures from paradies aka mauritius i didn't have feelings of envy for a minute! i love to see them enjoying life and not worrying about anything at all. i mean, how could one possibly have any kind of negative feelings here:

photography by my dad

PS: they stayed at the "la piroque" (flic en flac)

12 Februar 2014


it's only the second month of the new year and i'm already stress out - S.O.S! as my skin was finally getting better due to this all natural product, it broke out again this weekend. i also got a gross blister on my bottom lip. my friends named him allen harper (those who watch two and a half men know why) which i find matches perfectly. although, i have to deal with some more pimples (and the blister) i feel much better - even more confident - since i started using the dr. hauschka cleansing cream. moreover, i'm positive that my skin will recover as soon as the working days are getting shorter and i'm able to catch up on sleep.

this is what the world wide web told me (i just googled "face mapping"):

excuse my tired eyes

11 Februar 2014

milky chance - down by the river

this is exactly what i needed tonight after a loooong day at work: music to relax

05 Februar 2014

chanel everywhere

guys, did you know chanel is selling lots of other stuff than clothes, bag and shoes? this is news to me! i've never seen such thing as a chanel surf board or a basketball.. isn't this kinda weird? do people actually buy a chanel guitar?

all via

04 Februar 2014

tunesday: kina grannis - team

as you all know from my previous tunesday posts i'm a fan of kina grannis! i would recognize her voice immediately if she was played in the radio or tv! btw did you see this years grammy awards? kina was featured on best pop vocal album (pure heroine by lorde)!! how cool's that?

check out this super cool cover of lorde's "team":

02 Februar 2014

february cravings

i'd like to introduce you to my february carvings. all of these cuties are easy to combine with almost everything in my closet! i especially love the mango playsuit which is so classy yet sportive. in my opinion, camille of camille over the rainbow style it perfectly with the bordeaux beanie + clutch!i'm going to check out the mango store in my city next week. let's hope they aren't sold out already!

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