28 Mai 2013

tunesday: the mowgli's - san francisco

i just can't stop listening to this song of the mowgli's. it's making me so happy and all dancy! it's my "packing" song. how do you like it?

"do you feel the love? i feel the love" =)

27 Mai 2013

on the road: greenery

hi sweetie pies,

this is the natural tunnel i'm driving through every day on my way to work. there is nothing that cheers me up more than a beautiful scenery/"greenery" and sunshine.

happy monday!

26 Mai 2013

getting ready for the big day

hi lovies,

things are getting crazy with the whole working, packing, taking care of my grandparents and the two little rowdies. i spent the last week only with working and sleeping and this weekend i've done some packing since next week is full of (business) meeting in the evenings and i really don't see any time frame for preparing the moving. on thursday we get the keys and for friday i planned on getting done with the packing in order to moving in on saturday. you see, there are just so many things to do but the excitement is way bigger than the stress ;)

i can't wait to actually show you where i'm going to live!

21 Mai 2013

tunesday: sean strange - walk the line

hi music lovers,

it's gettin' a little gansta here... ;)

seriousely I'm a big hiphop fan, though never heard of sean strange before. i have to admit that i fell for the beat at the very first second of the track.

hope you like it...

20 Mai 2013


hi sweethearts,

on sunday my brother stopped by and we decided to go for a hike. the weather was good and it was pretty warm until we got surprised by the rain. instead of hiking up the whole path we took another route and after 3 hours we finally arrived home - wet, dirty, tired but extremely happy. usually sundays are my lazy days and i only change into clothes on special occasions ;) it was a great feeling to do something active for once though and i promised to myself to do this more often.

my brother with our pup

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18 Mai 2013

life changing


i can't tell you how happy i was when ally called me at the office to inform me about the good news! after almost 2 month and about 12 apartments we finally found and got this one.
when i heard of it i was feeling like jumping up and down and screaming "yaaayyyy" all day. my mom wasn't that happy though. i mean, she is happy for me and ally but i'm also the last one's moving out.. i don't really realize that this going to change my whole life. and by "whole life" i mean i'm not going to brush my teeth in the same bathroom, i'm not going to work by car anymore (omg what will happen with the "on the road" pics? i haven't even thought of that before!!), i'm going to pay rent and i am going to miss my little fellows!!

i can't wait for june 1rst even though my stomach gets all weird and funny by the thought of dragging all my stuff up to the 4th floor (no escalator)... ;)

stay tuned for some cool posts about my new apartment and life! it's going to be craaaaazy!


17 Mai 2013

apartment hunting


after the huge disappointment because we didn't get this place we now found another jewel! it's even bigger and the location is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! only a few steps away from the river called "aare" and 5 minutes to the shopping streets. jackpot! there are two big rooms (see the pics) which have access to the balcony. the "small" room is actually pretty big as well! the kitchen's new as well as the bathroom interior. oh, and there is a smaller balcony by the kitchen which is perfect for a little herb garden and some cherry tomatoes! i'm telling you: it's a dream!!

now let's hope we get the apartment this time because otherwise i'm seriousely going to cry..

16 Mai 2013

Cutie Patooties

hi cuties,

did you see the posts about our little babies? no? then go check them out!
they start to run around and play hide and seek. it's amazing how fast they grow up and i wish there was a shot which let them stay this cute forever ;)
what do you thing? pretty "awwwww", right?

15 Mai 2013

on the road: grass green

hi lovies,

since the weather sucks big time it's even harder to decide on what to wear. some days are sunny and super warm, some are rainy and i'm freezing in my shirt and sandals. the nature though is loving it! the meadows are grass green and the scenery is stunning. look at this:

14 Mai 2013

12 Mai 2013

i missed you, bro

hi sweethearts,

i feel pretty lonely at home since my brother moved out to zurich about a month ago. i haven't seen him much anyways because he's like the busiest person i know. though, this saturday i've got to see him! big yayyy! i drove this 1.5h and got surprised with a delicious lunch (little baked rosemary patatoes, chicken with a tomato/garlic paste and a greek salad)! i ate way toooo much and full as a tick we strolled around the city the whole afternoon. it was truly a perfect day.

09 Mai 2013

on the road: morning glory

hi gorgeous,

i don't really like getting up early but i actually am an early bird. i love the time i spend in my car driving to the office and just enjoying the beautiful view (same for the way back home). it's almost like you are driving into a different world. the car for me is like the rabbit whole for alice or the closet for the guys of narnia ;) it makes me see things different.
nice and generous as i am (just kidding..no wait, i am nice and generous ;)) i'd like to share one picture "on the road" per week. 

for those who can't wait: check out my instagram or twitter and follow me @nissybunique

08 Mai 2013

memories will last forever

hi lovies,

do you remember my other blog NissyGoesCalifornia? i spent the last year in california and i tell you, it was the best time of my life! i met tons of cool people from all around the world and i'm still in contact with many of them! it was amazing to experience a different culture and discover so many beautiful places. some nights i woke up and had to look outside the window just to make sure it wasn't just a dream. i couldn't believe i was doing this for real! being in a country you've never been, living in a house of a family you didn't know before, going grocery shopping in stores where nothing seems like back home with products you've never seen before. and doing, living, being all by your own....until you make friends and never ever will be alone anymore. 

07 Mai 2013

tunesday: china rats - nip it in the bud

hello rock'n'roll,
china rats is an english band and i just thought it would be nice to share something totally different this tunesday. i'm listening to this song whenever i feel hyper active or simply too tired to do anything. after a jumping and head banging session to this song in my room (curtains closed) i feel free, smooth and toally stupid xD but whatever happened that day doesn't matters anymore - you definitely should give it a shot ;)

03 Mai 2013

not happy at all

hi lovies,

bad news, ally and i didn't get the apartment i told you about here. there were over a hundred other applicant and i think it was all about luck in this case and we didn't enjoy the rub of the green. when we eventually got over the huge down we started to look out for other apartments on the market and there are some viewings this week. so we may find another place we'd like to live for a while ;) stay tuned and cross your fingers

i myself are going for both..


02 Mai 2013

let nature in your home

hi sweeties,

i'm a big friend of nature and love all kinds of flowers and plants. i'm planing on bringing some pieces of nature in ally's and my new home (no progress with the apartment hunting..) and that's why i was looking for some inspiration on my favorite website pinterest. i'm totally into those kinda ways to display the beauty of nature...


01 Mai 2013

sassy & sleepy

hi there,

i just have to share this with you, though the quality of the video is horrible! cola is testing mom's nerves.. ;) whisky is kinda sleepy head and not that sassy (yet).

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