18 November 2011

Shopping in Berlin

I have to admit, shopping in Berlin is more fun than at home in Switzerland. Everything is strange and new, and you look at the matters much more accurate because you don't know exactly where things are.

Below you see the pictures (Nikon and iPhone) of my goodies. My favorite part is the polka dot skirt by Vero Moda and the shoes by Street Super Shoes. Of course I couldn't resist and bought some nail polish (what else). But I held back and only bought two. Good girl, huh? =P 

Polka Dot Skirt by Vero Moda

Unfortunately this shoes by Street Super Shoes were no longer available in my size =(

Basic Tops by Vero Moda

Rings by Bijou Brigitte

OPI "I Think In Pink" by Douglas

Nicole by OPI "Baby "Blue"" by Douglas
Bracelets by Vero Moda

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion by Douglas

MAC Matte Lipstick Rouge À Lèvres bought at KaDeWe

KIKO Lip Gloss Pencil bought at Alexa
Top/Sweater by Vero Moda
I also bought Christmas presents for my family. I've spent 206. Actually, I expected more

Well, the rest of the money I spent on a driving course. Drivers (ie those who don't drive three years yet) have to do two courses. One for "aqua planing" ond one for an "economic driving style". Since I've now completed all, I have one thing less to think about. 

So now I'm ready for some fun. What are your plans for the weekend?

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