30 Januar 2012

Favorite Of The Month: January 2012

Favorite Of The Month: January 2012 is the gorgeous Joannie of An Urban - Explorer. She lives in Los Angeles and shows us such great outfits as below. Her style is so inspiring to me and I love the photography on her blog

The velvet skirt combined with the simple white top works so great (3rd photo) and the lace golden details and the low back of the 4th outfit are so feminin. You have to agree, this chick got style! I'm so excited to see more of her super cool outfits!

Images via An Urban Explorer

25 Januar 2012


I love Boticca! All that sparkle and glitter attracts me a call! I've spent two hours on their website and I was pretty shocked when I realized how much time has passed!!  These accessories have particularly impressed me. I hope you like my finds as much as I do.


Stackable Rings    

Purple Amethyst Stones Necklace

Pink Rose Quartz Ring

Three Stones Ring with Pink Quartz, Purple Amethys

Tigers Eye Chunky Spikes Cuff Bracelet

Jeweled Stackable Bangle Bracelets

Purple Amethyst Stones Bracelet

23 Januar 2012

Insta Week (4)

Last week was actually pretty boring. Of course there were a few highlights such as pick up the pup (who was on vacation because my parents were two weeks in Africa). Man I misses him so much (sorry Mum and Dad ;P)! Or to do a few things for my stay in California.
Well, this is my Insta Week:

19 Januar 2012

Style Spy: Ellen

Forever 21 polka dot dress/belt (similar)
black suede mary-janes c/o amiclubwear.com
Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q satchel.
Dress c/o MontAffair (purchase here and here)
Forever21 chandelier earrings
Joan & David fuchsia suede heels

Forever 21 black velvet dress
Chanel bag
H&M overcoat
Forever 21 leopard print blouse/accessories
JewelMint art deco bracelet + layered gold and silver choker
 Louis Vuitton "Tivoli" handbag
magenta pencil skirt courtesy of MontAffair (here)
suede platform booties with ribbon detail courtesy of MyHotShoes (here).
Rose gold Michael Kors watch
Express sweater
Theodora and Callum scarf 
Schutz pumps 
Prada sunglasses 
Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel

Photos and oufit descriptions by Mint Green Submarine

17 Januar 2012

Something Personal

I'm sorry for the whole changing thing (layout ect.) on the blog, but I'm just not quite satisfied with the presentation. I reorganize / redesign my room (I still live with my parents) about every three months. It always felt hard to me to fix or design things, which reflect myself. Well, I suppose that this somehow represents ME too ;) I guess, I still haven't found myself. Very original, huh?! No seriously, I'm a restless person. It's not that I can't sit still for five or more minutes, it's rather an inner restlessness, which you notice here on the blog too.

But I hope that I'll learn much more about myself during my stay in California. I'm really looking forward to it. Only two and a half months till sunny California!!

via Bikinis and Passports

15 Januar 2012

Insta Week (2)

I've decided to make a mashup of pictures that I've posted on Instagram (follow me @ nissybunique) during the week. The last days were pretty
exhausting. I got a very bad cold and I felt (actually still feel) miserable! That's why I didn't posted a lot this week - so sorry! 

Hope you enjoy the weekend and still do?!

12 Januar 2012

Favorite Of The Month: December 2011

A bit late, I show you my Favorite Of The Month: December 2011. Ashley Madekwe is originally from London but lives in Los Angeles. She is just perfect! Her long dark hair, the deep dark eyes...everything is beautiful! Oh, and did you take a look at her outfit posts on her blog Ring My Bell? Amazing, huh?! I would wear every single outfit just as she did. Thank you for sharing Ashley!

Ashley is nominated for the Marie Claire Blog Award! Vote for her here:

Images by Ring My Bell

11 Januar 2012

Coachella & Some Big News

Although it's still a little early, I would like to tell you some big news! But first things first.
I've told you last year about the Coachella Festival in California here and here. The insane 2012 lineup was released yesterday. 

Because I'll fly to California in mid-April, I'm super sad that I'll can't be there. Yes, I'll be in California - for the first time! BUT I won't spend my holidays there, I'm going to stay there for nine months! How cool is that?? 
(Don't worry, I'll tell you the details later)

Unfortunately I don't know yet when I got my fly, but the provisional date coincides with the Coachella Festival. So if I don't take the jet, fly with light speed over to Indio and landing there with my parachute, I'll miss it

Have you ever visited the festival? I'm so excited to post some videos and pictures of the Festival!

10 Januar 2012

Hi, I Am Nasty (Gal)

I just found those cute Knits and Blazers at Nasty Gal and I thought I have to show it here! I'm definitely ready for some sun and above all, for spring! And these cute clothes are perfect for it! Unfortunately I'm still on the spending diet , so I have no choice but dream of all the pretty things out there.
By the way, do you like Nasty Gal? I'm such a fan! If you haven't already checked it out, go for it here!

Stephanie Knit - Wine

Oversized Wave Knit - Red

 Fuzzy Stripe Knit


City Trench Coat

Sequin Crop Jacket 

What Comes Around Blazer - Blush

Overboard Blazer


08 Januar 2012

H&M Is All I Got

Actually I'm on a spending diet but I had a relapse. I just wanted to buy some ear plugs..well I couldn't resist and bought that flowered top, the pencil skirt and the sweater too. But I hope that I spend as less as possible until Apirl. I really need the money for something else.. (more to that soon)

05 Januar 2012

Like A Home

Yesterday, my friend shown me a photograph of the golden gallery and I was blown away! How beautiful is it?? Of course she had to send me the link immediately. Tataaaaa, these are the I-want-to-have-it-in-my-apartment things that I've discovered. Sure there are a thousand other things but those are my favorites.

Images via Schneider, edited by NissyBunique

02 Januar 2012

First Post In 2012

New year, new colors ;) Do you like the new design of my blog?
I still have so much news for you. But of course I don't tell you all at once. So be sure to follow my blog via Google Friends Connect (GFC) and/or Bloglovin to be up to date

Since I couldn't decide on an outfit for NYE, I didn't set well with the make up. These are the eye shadows of Manhattan and Maybelline I bought. At the end, I opted for the one of maybelline.

I also wanted to try something new for my hair. I bought a serum from L'ORÉAL. It's wonderful! Acutally I'm a big fan of the products of Kérastase, but I'm pretty happy with this serum. My hair tips are alive and looking so damn good!

I found this cute necklace on H&M. I love the color! The necklace match perfect with my berry blouse.

Unfortunately I haven't a photo of my NYE outfit. Really bad, huh?! I guess I'm not a good blogger... I beg your pardon!

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