29 Februar 2012

Gimme Shelter

The Coachella Lookbook of Planet Blue really inspires me and I get kind of a festival feeling already. Although I'll not be at home this year and will miss all the festivals in Switzerland, I'm beyond excited because of my stay in sunny California. Unfortunately I can't attend to Coachella (that's why).

But these pictures should be an inspiration for all Coachella visitors... Shop the Coachella Lookbook here 

What do you think about the beautiful Gillian Zinser?

via Planet Blue

Blogger Goes Maxi

I unfortunately haven't one yet (!), but I'm determined to increase my closet by 150% this year ;-) I'm going to California, sure I'll shop til I drop ;)
I hope I can show you some pictures of my maxi skirt soon! By now, I've got inspired by Bethany, Taylor, Anni, Olivia and Karen. They look really great or what do you think?

Do you like maxi's? Show me your maxi style (nissybunique@hotmail.com)!

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25 Februar 2012

Cooking In My New Shoes

Hi lovebugs,

This are the last of my goodies. The Jamie Oliver book (Jamie's 30-Minute Meals) is super cool and I'm really getting hungry even if I just browse through it. I love his recipes and since I'm a really uninspired cook, I often need recipes. Had any of you have cooked something from the Jamie Oliver book? How do you like Jamie's 30-Minute Meals? Can you recommend me other books?
The shoes are from Dosenbach ("Deichmann" for my German readers). The black shoes are kind of everday-shoes. I wore them often since spring shows up this week. The flats are perfect for California weather, aren't they? What do you thing of the toecap?

Happy Saturday!

22 Februar 2012

Insta Week (8)

When I went shopping last week with my bestie, we've found these sweet decoration items. If I had enough money,  I would have bought everthing and placed it exactly like this in the apartment. So cute!
As you saw in this post (Dior Vernis Garden Party - Waterlily) I've bought a new nail polish. My first Dior - I'm no longer a Dior virgin ;) 
I've seen this woman in a magazine and she really looks like Cindy of COTTDS! Doesn't she?

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20 Februar 2012

Cheer Me Up

I've already told you, that I haven't bought only the Dior nail polish. There are other great goodies. I love the pastel-colored earrings! They are beautiful and I want to wear them day and night. Aren't they uh-mazing?

The silver chain with the apple charm was a present from my sister about four years ago. And lately I've seen this golden chain at H&M and I had to have it. Although it isn't exactly the same chain, it is totally sweet. It also makes me a little sentimental. Oh, I bought some shoes too..a post coming up soon.

18 Februar 2012

Dior Vernis Garden Party - Waterlily

On Thursday I did a little shopping spree with my bestie and I've finally bought Waterlily of Dior Vernis Garden Party, which I've seen on various blogs. I'm totally obsessed with this nail polish. It looks so gorgeous!! Can't wait to try them out. 
The seller gave me a few sample products. I love sample products ;) Of course I haven't only bought the nail polish, but it's definitely worth to do a single post about it. I'll post some photos to show you how Waterlilly looks on my nails soon.

17 Februar 2012


You know I am a huge fan of The Beauty Department and I love the tutorials! They are described as simple that even I know what to do. And it works! Sometimes I need a couple trying until I can really manage it, like they do. I'd love to try this twisted hairstyle for the weekend.
Check out the full post with description on the blog of The Beauty Department.

via TBD

16 Februar 2012

Misty Jade With Some Glitter

Last Sunday, I was once again dedicated to my Nails. They've looked really bad, because I recently just couldn't muster the patience to let the nail polish dry. On Sunday I sat down and once again taken out of the Misty Jade (Rimmel). After I applied the base coat and two coats of Misty Jade, it even appeared a bit too boring. So I spiced it up with some glitter of the Special Effect Top Coat (Essence) . After 5 minutes of drying, I applied a normal top coat and tataaaa..  not my best work, but ok, I guess ;)

14 Februar 2012

Colored Denim

I love colored denim! yesterday I spent almost the whole afternoon in the mall. I  was looking for one (or two) colored pants. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything. In such a moment, I curse Switzerland. There are almost no cool shops here. That's one of the reason, I'm looking forward immensely to California. 

At Forever21 I finally found exactly those pants I was looking for. Unfortunately I can't order pants online, because I need to try them on. I've got very short legs and wide hips (poor me)! But I really want to have these...
via F21, edited NissyBunique

10 Februar 2012

Express Yourself

Ballet has always fascinated me. The elegance, the body control, the discipline. Sometimes I just want to dance, dance like them. With an ease,  that can't be seen despite the effort. Dancing is like a facial expression. Dance expresses the feelings of people. By the accompanying music, the feeling is intensified. I'm a very emotional person. And passionate. I cry when I'm feeling bad, I yell when I'm angry, I laugh when I'm happy and I dance, no matter what mood I'm straight in.


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