05 November 2016

Make Memories

My grandpa turned 90! I know it's a sad thing to say but since he's quite old now and most of his friends are living in an retirement facitity or do not anymore (you know...), we figured we grant him a wish. He instantly decided on a boat ride on Lake Thun. It was a gloomy day but we had fun anyway as the whole family got together and consciously enjoyed this special gathering. Grandpa and granny both suffer from dementia and not all days are good days, nevertheless, they appreciated every second of this day - you could see that in their eyes. I am so proud of them and even though I now they won't be here forever, we still will have mememories of these fun days together.

happy birtday grandpa, may you lead a happy life and tell many more of your jokes!

29 Oktober 2016

Sunday Hike // Hardergrad

This was probably one of the last sunny and warm sunday we get this year. My dad and I decided to hike the Hardergrad to get a good view over Interlaken and the Augstmatthorn, which we want to hike up next spring. I personally love the neutral fall colors in contrast with the blue sky and lake - it makes everything pop out!

I'm pretty bumped by the fact that winter is right around the corner and I won't be able to go hiking as much. However, all the Sundays we got to stand on the top of a mountain totally make up for the few months you can't go out without freezing your butt off ;)



12 Oktober 2016

moving on

So I am moving out of my shared apartment in November. I finally decided that with 26 I’m old enough to live on my own. A whole apartment all to myself. Ok, it’s not big or anything but it’s cute and in November it’s my cute, little apartment. 43m2, one room. Who needs walls when living on their own? It’s going to be only me. Cooking, chilling on the couch, sleeping in the bed next to it. I don’t even need to close the door to the bathroom when peeing. That’s what I call freedom. Peeing with an open door. I am a simple girl.

Speaking of simplicity, I also decided that it’s time for me to declutter the apartment which I am sharing with my friend. I feel caved with all the stuff that’s around. I own so much stuff. I don’t need “stuff”! Who needs stuff to live with? For my new place I want to live in an open, minimal styled apartment. This of course is a huge challenge, but I am determined to make it happen. I’ll be donating lots of my clothes to charity and just go through my things asking myself “Do I need this? Does it make me happy? Can I live without it?”.

I am thinking of buying this book called “the life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. Maybe it’s worth the hype.

Anyway, I keep you updated. In the meantime, I am going crazy on my Pinterest boards, looking for Inspiration on interior and decor.


01 September 2016

the better option

I’ve been reading Maddies blog dariadaria.com for quite some years now and even though I am far from being vegan or wearing only fair fashion, I have started thinking about the things I’m buying and consuming.  I’m not sure if I could go all in but I think a little still goes along way and it’s better to do something than nothing at all, don’t you agree?

For example, I started washing my hair with products from Lush a while ago. Not all products are vegan but as far as I’m concerned they are doing a great job with fair trading and what I particularly like is that they list the ingredients in a way everyone can understand.  As I mentioned in this post, I am washing my hair only once (during winter) or twice (during summer) a week. I can’t tell you how much time I have to spend on Youtube now instead of washing my hair every other day ;)

See who I like to watch here, here and here

Since I got my acne treaded with Isotretinoin a year ago I try to stay away from chemical creams and serum. I love the brand Aesop. The products might smell funny but work miracles on my skin. At this point I have to admit that they first tricked me with their branding and design but after trying out their stuff I can’t imagine putting anything else on my face. Follow this link for the most hilarious product (that actually works!).

For my body I use only vegan products as for example Lush’s the olive branch and Biokosma’s aloe vera.

Although I am trying to buy “better” products now and do my research beforehand (I like to use codecheck.info), I am not just going to throw all the other products I already own away; I don’t want to waste anything. I’m using them up and then replace them with a better option.

That’s just all about: finding a better option.

24 Juli 2016

Sunday Hike // Schynige Platte

Here comes another Sunday Hike post at you :)

My dad and I parked the car close to the railway station and took the next one up the mountain. It was very hot that day, so #siscothepup sat down on every shadow patch. There is no mountain lake or anything so he had a pretty rough 2-hour hike (he was fine though, he took a swim in lake Thun later that day). The trail is easy and well made with pebbles and big rocks. The wild flowers bloomed and on the very top a nice breeze was blowing. The view of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau was spectacular!


07 Juli 2016

Sunday Hike / Lauenen

Sundays are highly celebrated in our family. While I used to hate hiking at a young age I know love our Sunday adventures. Most of my friends like to spend the last day of the weekend at home, relaxing and chilling. That’s why I mostly go on hikes with my mom and dad (and of course, #siscothepup, my parents’ Golden Retriever).

This past Sunday we drove through the famous Gstaad on to Lauenen. Most tourists and even Swiss people only walk around the Lauenensee (lake), but seriously, they are missing out! I have never seen so many waterfalls in my life in one place. Now that the snow is melting and the meadows are blooming the view are even more spectacular! We hiked up 700 meters to the Geltenhütte (mountain lodge), enjoyed a cold beverage and made our way down the rather slippery trail (which was caused by heavy rain fall a few days before). The dogs (#siscothepup and one that my parents took care of for the weekend) enjoyed the hike as much as we did. They loved the snow patches and rivers since it was quite hot that day. The hike took us about 5 hours (with breaks for picture taking) and I would rate it a 8/10!

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