14 Juli 2014

kiehl's lip balm

i could eat that whole thing. 
seriousely. i know i'm not supposed to eat it, but i could! mango is one of those fruits i wouldn't eat "raw". however, i love smoothies, shower gels, lotions and everything else that smells of mangos. this little tube just made it on my top ten list of my current favorite things (next to the miss dior blooming bouquet perfume and these & these paez espadrilles)last week and i wouldn't want to live without it! the kiehl's lip balm in mango is amazballs!! i usually am not a fan of this glossy look since it's too sticky, but this lip balm totally convinced me with its light glow and the smoothing effect. honestly, i have to remind myself not to lick my lips all the time while wearing it.

if you aren't a kiehl's fan yet you definitely gonna turn into one after trying their lip balms..

*i am not getting paid for writing about this product. i only blog about products i love so much that i want to share them with you guys.

06 Juli 2014

strike a pose

oh how i love summer. how i love these mango cut offs!

haha i know, FUNNIEST POSE EVER (second pic) xD but that's just what i am. s o  m u c h  f u n. xD 
any comments on that? 
love you too


05 Juli 2014

munch munch

my dad sent me an email today. he never does. i thought it has to be something very important. it was. there were photos attached. i'm going to show them to you. but first i tell you what the email was about:

he saved five little hedgehogs!! the mother got killed by a car, so he fosters them. they are very greedy and grow by the day! i can't describe how adorable the sound is they make while eating! munch munch.. xD

04 Juli 2014


couldn't pass by the store without getting these cuties! it's my second pair and i can't stop wearing them! they are more playful than these here but still work with anything! gosh, i'm so in love! my friends even wouldn't ask me about them cause it would end up with me talking (gushing) for hours! mhm..you roll your eyes on me ;) just get a pair yourself and then tell me how you like them..you'll see..

02 Juli 2014

catching up

it's been a while...
still busy even on the weekends ;) but this time i've got some pics to share. sandy (who i met in california) and i met in zurich the previous weekend to catch up. we had a late lunch which was delicious by the way. i just can't get enough of italian food!! they know the good stuff in life, right?! 

we had a wonderful afternoon and i can't tell you how much i miss those beautiful, fun, memorable cali days with my girls! they really made this whole experience so much better than it already was! wish i could hang out with them allll the time!

photography by sandy & nissy

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