15 Februar 2017

Warby Parker // Spring Lauch 2017

Warby Parker is not only well known for their eye- and sunglasses collection, but also for their concept. Buying affordable glasses has never been this easy. You order up to five frames of your choice and Warby Parker will send them to your home so you can try them on, ask your family and friends for their option – no strings attached (hello free shipping and return!) Choose your favorite ones within five days. Now you just need to return all the frames and order your pair of choice with your prescription details. Can it get any easier or convenient? I don’t think so.
Not only the concept Home Try-On is what I like about Warby Parker, it’s also their “Buy A Pair, Give A Pair” philosophy that totally convinced me to write about this brand. Check out the details on their website.

So now that the new year has settled in, and some of us might made the resolution to go out of our comfort zone the new spring collection is what we need in our lives. Look at these beautiful metal frames! I especially like “Blair” in matte gold!

Warby Parker is launching their new Spring collection today! To see the whole range head to their Website:

Disclaimer: Warby Parker asked me to help announce their new Spring collection. I do not get paid for this post. The above stated opinion is my own. I would not recommend something to you I'm not comfortable with.

14 Februar 2017

Valentine's Day

L O V E can change the world!

On Valentine’s Day most people buy flowers, ginger hearts, cute little necklaces etc. and give them to their loved ones. There is nothing bad or wrong doing so, but imagine that you don’t know where your loved one are or you know that you will never see them again. This has happened to hundreds of refugees in the past years and even though the media does not report about them as often anymore, there are still people leaving their home without knowing where they are going and if they will find their family members again. With that in mind, I decided to not go for the usual kind of Valentine’s Day post this year, there are plenty of those on other blogs and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading those too, but I want to give some love to those who need it more.

A friend of mine spent most of her time last year in Greece where she volunteered and helped building a school and a community center for refugees. I know how much hope and love and a feeling of “home” she and other volunteers give to them throughout the year.

Money can’t buy love – but it helps to support those who put their heart into something that makes an impact.

If you don’t have a Valentine or you simply want to give some love to another human being, then you know what to do. Even a little can go a long way.
Be Aware And Share (Facebook & Website)
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Konto Nummer: 40-61-4
IBAN: CH 42 0077 0253 8101 3200 1
Massari Mara
BAAS - Be aware and share
4402 Frenkendorf

Happy Valentine’s Day! And do not forget: YOU ARE LOVED!

05 November 2016

Make Memories

My grandpa turned 90! I know it's a sad thing to say but since he's quite old now and most of his friends are living in an retirement facitity or do not anymore (you know...), we figured we grant him a wish. He instantly decided on a boat ride on Lake Thun. It was a gloomy day but we had fun anyway as the whole family got together and consciously enjoyed this special gathering. Grandpa and granny both suffer from dementia and not all days are good days, nevertheless, they appreciated every second of this day - you could see that in their eyes. I am so proud of them and even though I now they won't be here forever, we still will have mememories of these fun days together.

happy birtday grandpa, may you lead a happy life and tell many more of your jokes!

29 Oktober 2016

Sunday Hike // Hardergrad

This was probably one of the last sunny and warm sunday we get this year. My dad and I decided to hike the Hardergrad to get a good view over Interlaken and the Augstmatthorn, which we want to hike up next spring. I personally love the neutral fall colors in contrast with the blue sky and lake - it makes everything pop out!

I'm pretty bumped by the fact that winter is right around the corner and I won't be able to go hiking as much. However, all the Sundays we got to stand on the top of a mountain totally make up for the few months you can't go out without freezing your butt off ;)



12 Oktober 2016

moving on

So I am moving out of my shared apartment in November. I finally decided that with 26 I’m old enough to live on my own. A whole apartment all to myself. Ok, it’s not big or anything but it’s cute and in November it’s my cute, little apartment. 43m2, one room. Who needs walls when living on their own? It’s going to be only me. Cooking, chilling on the couch, sleeping in the bed next to it. I don’t even need to close the door to the bathroom when peeing. That’s what I call freedom. Peeing with an open door. I am a simple girl.

Speaking of simplicity, I also decided that it’s time for me to declutter the apartment which I am sharing with my friend. I feel caved with all the stuff that’s around. I own so much stuff. I don’t need “stuff”! Who needs stuff to live with? For my new place I want to live in an open, minimal styled apartment. This of course is a huge challenge, but I am determined to make it happen. I’ll be donating lots of my clothes to charity and just go through my things asking myself “Do I need this? Does it make me happy? Can I live without it?”.

I am thinking of buying this book called “the life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. Maybe it’s worth the hype.

Anyway, I keep you updated. In the meantime, I am going crazy on my Pinterest boards, looking for Inspiration on interior and decor.


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