12 November 2011

Three Days Or A Week?!

I haven't posted regularly in recent time and I'm really sorry. Since I'm not a full time blogger, work comes first - unfortunately.

I'm so glad week is over and weekend arrived. Not only because it was a busy week, but also because I go to Berlin on Monday. Today I had to do the laundry and clean the house. This afternoon I've packed most of the clothes, shoes and so on. I already packed like I was going a week and not just three days ;) But I'm always happy when I have a couple of clothes, accessories and shoes to choose from. Depending on my mood of the day, I dress up comfy or chic. 

there are four more of them xD

I sleep at Ally's appartment tomorrw, because we take off really early on Monday morning. Moreover, a girl's night with her's ​​really due. I'm so excited!

Three days of shopping and sightseeing, I can't wait! I'll take a ton of photos, so don't forget to check it out. I've prepared a couple of posts for next week (that means, laptop'll stay at home). Posts about Berlin are up on Thursday.
Have a great time lovies!

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