31 Juli 2013

the cute little dress

hi sweetie pies,

ally and i went for a shopping spree when i saw this cute dress. it's a total eye-catcher, isn't it?
even though it's a little short i decided to go for it. what do you think of the...

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30 Juli 2013

tunesday: the rural alberta advantage - stamp

A song to sing along..in the car, during a evening walk, with your friends on the top of a mountain and the echo is your background singer...

the week before the flu

hi lovies

i'm not even going to apologize for the lack of posts.... altought...i am sorry ;)

after the 4-day-trip to germany which by the way was amazing i stuck in bed a whole week with the summer flu. the thermometer pointed to 35°C and i bummed around. the couch and the bed were my two favorite places and i'm pretty sure i've never drunk more tea than in these 7 days! since i'm not going to show you pictures of my-sick-self i chose to share some photos i (and my friend sandy) took in düsseldorf.

photo taken by sandy

photo taken by sandy

photo taken by sandy

18 Juli 2013

true friends

hi my lovely gals,

this time by tomorrow i'll sit in a plane with my lovely friend sandy! the destination? the arms of the sweetest girl on earth SOPHIE!!! i met sandy and sophie during my stay in california and they became two of my best friends. we spent so much time together and that's exactly why saying goodbye last june (sophie) and august (sandy) was so damn hard.

to tell you the truth, i'm a little nervous but of course much more excited to see them again! let's make those the most eventful 4 days of this year.

a good friend knows all your best stories, a best friend has lived them with you

16 Juli 2013

tunesday: karmin - acapella

hi music junkies,

i used to listen to karmin a lot way before they became that popular. they covered lots of songs and made them to a totally new one. i kinda lost track then but saw an advertising on youtube for this song and checked it out. because i still think they're super talented and cool (but the blond hair isn't very flattering, right?) i thought sharing this with you would be nice ;)

15 Juli 2013

style spy: chanel espadrilles

hi fashion addicts,

this summer the (chanel) espadrilles are taking over the shoe shelves of several blogger. i myself fell for them a long time ago but of course just bought the cheap version since i painly and simply can't afford chanel... or if i could, would spend the money on travelling.. ;)

chantal of cocorosa even posted a DIY tutorial on how to create your own chanel espadrilles. Click here for the post.

no doubt, i'm a huge fan of espadrilles and what kind of flats would be more suitable on a hot summer day?!

aimee of song of style , jules of sincerely jules , chiara of the blonde salad , lucy of lovely by lucy

13 Juli 2013

home grown

hi there,

the first days when ally and i moved into our new apartment were quite an experience as we live in the 4th floor!! when we moved all the stuff and figured out where to put everything we decided to add some "nature". even though my dad says flowers and plants won't survive with me in charge (how sassy he is ;)), ally and i went to the garden center to get some. well dad, after more than a month they are still very alive, blossoming and not so long ago i discovered that our tomato plants even sprout! can't wait to pick home grown, red, juicy tomatoes! 

we're planning on buying some more plants in the not too distant future.

citing my dad: "not even a cactus will survive"

09 Juli 2013

the packing & me

hi love birds

surprisingly my boss sent me on vacation much earlier than i planned. i worked like crazy the last past month so i actually kinda deserve this ;) 

since i'm going on a short trip to london with EF which is the organisation i also went to california for 9 month i'm enjoying to have some time for things such as doing the laundry, cleaning the apartment which was a necessity after the house warming last weekend (read about it here and here) and meeting up with friends for some drinks! i started the packing today and have to confess...i'm a horrible packer! not only do i want to take my whole closet with me but also do i always forget to take the most important things with me. 

e.g. i would go to bali without a bikini, to austria (in winter) without my snowboard or to california (for 9 month) without the charger for my now dead hp laptop (RIP my friend). I would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on...

so i started to write lists about 1 month before leaving which is great because i can write down things that crossed my mind right away and don't have to think of it while packing. I would take the list, placing it next to my suitcase and pack exactly what on that list. unfortunately, i often think i would need 3 pants, 1 skirt, 1 dress and two shorts for a two-days-trip.. 
well, i am trying to change this right now. this is what makes it into the suitcase:

1 pair of pants

the maxi dress
the denim jacket
3 shirts
1 sweater & 1 cardigan

what do you think? too much for 2 days? 

08 Juli 2013

hot summer nights

hi sweethearts

on friday we threw our house warming party and prepared some appatizer for our guests. the night included playing the guitar, singing latin songs, drinking lots of cocktails and having fun talking with friends i hardly get to see. all in all, we had an awesome time! 

03 Juli 2013

house warming

hi lovies

these weeks have been busy but the end is in sign - thank god! that's why ally and i thought now would be a good time to finally throw our house (aka 3 room apartment) warming party this friday. it's been a month since we moved in and we kinda weaseled ourself out of this event so far. when it got weird meeting our neighbors in the hallway and we had (or took) the time to talk about it we set the date and created a poster which we placed in the entry hall of the building. 

although, none of us ever threw a house warming party! HELP! 

what are the main things to consider? what do we serve? what are we going to talk about? 

no doubt we know how to do that with our friends, though neighbors are a totally different species ;)

thanks for your suggestions, advices and help! 

this of course doesn't mean i'm not going to primp myself for the party ;)


02 Juli 2013

tunesday: jason derula & tyler ward - the other side

totally dreaming about real l-o-v-e,  summer evenings at the beach and road trippin with the bf to this song by jason derulo and tyler ward.

01 Juli 2013

follow me on bloglovin

hi love bugs,

don't forget to follow me on bloglovin! google friends connector is shutting down and i'm sure you don't want to miss any posts! i'd love to see you round!

wish y'all a happy monday!

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