30 September 2011

s.Oliver Glasses

I told you about my bad days last week. My glasses had broken after 6 (!!) years. On Friday I immediately ran to the optometrist and I've chosen new glasses. It has become s. Oliver glasses. They look a little bit retro and I'm so happy with them! I haven't been looking forward to something for so long. What do you think about my new glasses. Do you like the color?

28 September 2011

Grandma's Sewing Machine

In the attic of my grandparents I found this gem! The machine was built about 1900 or even earlier. The Electra sewing machine still works (non-electric, of course). But I think it would be a nice eye-catcher in my first apartment. I guess, that would be a better place for such a beautiful piece =)

26 September 2011

What A Girl Need

To my Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions I've bought also the moisture surge and a city block sheer with SPF 25. My face feels great now. Reborn. 
I wasn't able to resist the Manhattan & Buffalo nail polish. I'll show you later how it looks on the nails.
PS: I become a huge fan of the Clinique products. I feel so great with them.

Clinique: moisture surge

Clinique: City Block Sheer

M&Buffalo Nail Polish 78 J

M&Buffalo Nail Polish 78 J

25 September 2011

Cha Cha

On Friday I met a friend for dinner. We haven't seen each other since vacation in July and there was plenty of talk needs. Unbelievable what all happens in almost two months. We went to the Cha Cha. My friend had an aloe vera drink and spicy curry rice. I took a berry-kiwi fruit drink and the "variation of dunkys". Looks yummy right? Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home and I had to shoot the photos with the iPhone. So sorry for the bad quality.

24 September 2011

Bad Days

Maybe you've read my tweet on Twitter already. The luck has left me for a couple days! First, the train had technical problems, then I'm almost lost in work and my bike was made broken ​​by some idiots. When I got up on friday morning and wanted to put on my glasses, I need to find (to make matters still worse) that my glasses are broken. Only a week ago I've had using new glasses. What a bummer! I was already very late and I need as quickly as possible to get ready for work. Good thing I finally dared to contact lenses and had a pair at home.

I immediately contacted my optician and explained my situation. Unfortunately, my glasses frame is no longer available and I have to choose new glasses (which is not necessarily a bad thing ;)). But it costs a lot, because of the glasses (I'm nearly blind..). I can pick up new glasses even until the middle of next week. So I ordered some lenses which I should get today. Unfortunately, I'm unable and almost didn't bring those things out of my eyes in the evening.

uff, it can only get better.. Happy weekend ;)


22 September 2011

Thursday Ten


Nutmeg Boyfriend Blazer by Topshop

Bike by Missoni

MAC Neon Orange Lipstick (via Temptalia and Amazon)

Faux Suede Cutout Short by Dotti

Vintage "Desk" via homeinspiration

Camera Bag by Kipling

Bora Bora via BecomeGorgeous
YSL Arty OVal Ring With Olive Green Stone by Yves Saint Laurent

Michael Kors Oversized Tortoise Watch by Michael Kors

Ice Cream via Weheartit

21 September 2011

Fall Favorites

The leaves on the trees are colorful and the people on the streets fit to the colors of nature. Few (me included) can't come to terms with the fact that  summer or even the summer weather is over. But it rains more often and the streets becomes more and more empty for the evening. People prepare their homes for the cold fall and winter months and buy new boots and a lot of tea.

Fall is not my favorite season but I absolutely love the typical colors! Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

ANDRE Wedge Lace Up Boot (black and taube) - Topshop
The Large Single Polka-Dot Leather Bag by Marc Jacobs - Net-A-Porter
Ruched Crepe Blouse by Miu Miu - Net-A-Porter 
Feminine Long Sleeves Pink Jumper - Romwe
Knitted Tweedy Sweat - Topshop
Two Colour Vest - Topshop
Suede Woven Skirts - Forever21 (Image by Sincerely Jules)

But I still hope that summer is forever....

Image by Google

20 September 2011

A Statement

A statement necklace is the perfect way to jazz up an outfit and definitely will make heads turn. I've seen a few nice statement necklaces on various blogs. Two of my favorites are these below.

via Style Scrapbook

via Bikinis and Passports

On Forever21 and on Nordstorm I found some nice pieces.


Source: 1-4 Forever 21, 5 Nordstorm

19 September 2011

Love Tap: A Reminder To Not Let Love Pass You By

A friend sent me this super sweet video.

You really should have the balls to talk to the person you like. It's a shame for every missed chance So what are you waiting for?

18 September 2011

La - La - Lace

For me there is nothing more elegant than a garment made of lace.

Blouses, pants, shoes decorated with lace or even made ​​of lace. HQ Market has some great pieces in the online shop and I would like to show you a few of them.

Source: Market HQ


Petite Sweetheart Lace Dress by Topshop

Clarks x American Retro by Jades24

16 September 2011


This week I did a little shopping and I found a super cute skirt. and a bag with the perfect size for me. The scarf I'm going to need next week because it will be super cold. Check out my goodies below =)

Skirt, Top, Bag and Scarf by H&M (Watch by Swatch)

15 September 2011


I was very surprised when I was at my regular pharmacy and actually discovered a small selection of OPI nail polishes. Of course I could not just walk past it, but bought the "Jade Is The New Black" nail polish.

In addition, I have finally bought some Clinique products.
Since I have very bad skin, I opted for the "Anti-Blemish Solutions" Products. I use this now for about a week every morning and night and really noticed an improvement already. So thumbs up for Clinique.

14 September 2011

Style Spy: Bethany Struble

top: vintage
shorts courtesy of romwe 
booties: H&M
bracelet courtesy of soufeel 
hat: ASOS

top: bobbys sweater
shorts: i think they were abercrombie shorts..
shoes: aldo
sunglasses: RIP bobbys sunglasses
headband: from bobbys ping pong playing father

sweater: romwe.com 
shoes: steve madden 
skirt: H&M
chain bracelet: snakesnestdesigns.com

shirt: hot topic
shorts: romwe.com 
cardigan: herej.com 

Top: thrifted
shorts: thrifted (DIY)
shoes: Garage sale (DIY tacks)
vest: Bobbys closet

 Looks by Snakes Nest

11 September 2011

Switzerland's Provence

A few weeks ago was the hottest day in 2011. My friend and I packed our beach stuff and looked for a comfortable spot on a lake. Because we wanted at location, where we've never been, we drove around for a while. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that not only we were yearn for a cooling, but also hundreds of other people. We decided to reverse and drove to our place where we are otherwise. On the way we drove through a beautiful village named Nant. My friend and I decided to come here later again.

Yesterday, we packed our cameras (By the way, I've bought the Nikon D5100 =)), and driven back again. The houses and the surroundings look like a village in the Provence region of France. Everything is very mediterranean and the vineyards give a real feeling to be in France. Here are some pictures:
Unfortunately I am still not proficient with the SLR ..

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