25 Juni 2016

Travel Diary // New York City

Brooklyn Bridge

On our first day the weather was not too good, but this didn’t stop us from exploring Brooklyn. After a short walk from Nolita we stood in front of the 1883 built Brooklyn Bridge. I find the construction very fascinating with its steel cables and the wooden floor. Did you know that a german engineer designed the Brooklyn Bridge? Me neither! I also didn’t know you actually could see the Statue of Liberty from the bridge and would not have seen it if Sophie didn’t tell me. 

We heard lots of the flea markets in Brooklyn, so we decided to go see one. We were lucky enough to spot a sign right after we got off the bridge. I love vintage/old things, they are so precious and each piece is telling its own story. 

Nolita / Soho

We booked our accommodation with Airbnb and absolutely loved our neighborhood. There are tons of super cute cafes and stores/boutiques. Our apartment was just 10 steps away from The Butcher’s Daughter which was one of our favorite breakfast places. What I love about New York and its neighborhood are the brick stone buildings with the fire escape stairs. There’s also lots of wall art on the streets, especially in Nolita.

Flat Iron Building

It’s built into a corner which is why it’s a triangular form. It’s 22 floor high and used as office spaces. I think to know that it’s one of the most photographed buildings in the world. If you’re in town you should definitely go check it out and since Madison Square Park is very close, go enjoy the beautiful green patch.

One World Trade Center

The One World Trade Center or Freedom Tower was built after the Twin Towers got destroyed in the 9/11 terror attack. It’s the fourth tallest building in the world. What I was most impressed with is the not the height of the new building but the 9/11 Memorial; two pools each one placed where the Twin Towers stood. Each of the victims

Greenwich Village

Even though I liked Nolita I would look for an apartment in West Village next time. I just love the vibe and the people living there! I’m not like THE big Sex and the City fan but I have to admit that the buildings with the stairs leading to the doors are super cute and “instagramable”. Also they have lots of cool cafes and pizza places there. We ventured out to Chelsea for some drinks at the rooftop bar of The Standard hotel. There are also many other locations to have a drink or two J

Top of the Rock

If you want to enjoy the most stunning view of New York you either have to go on a helicopter tour or you can go up on Top of the Rock. I've never seen a city that beautiful from above. The long streets stretching from 

Grand Central Terminal

I have seen the station in so many movies but when I actually stood there I was totally overwhelmed by its beauty. The ceiling is super high and reminds me of the sky. You just need to stand in the middle of the hall and close your eyes for a moment - the feeling you get is incredible. Surrounded by so many people, movment and hectic you still feel alone and somehow relaxed. But of course you should open your eyes for the beauty of this place at some point, ok? ;)


New York is a huge City but what I noticed is that there are lots of smaller parks next to the enormous Central Park. People of NY love to hang out wherever there is a green patch. As soon as the sun comes out (and even if not so) people would lay in the grass, have picnics or go for a walk. They have a deep appreciation for those comfort places in the middle of the city. The highline is an old tramway which now is a super long walkway with various plants and trees. I love that you can walk uptown and not once have to cross a street or be careful you don’t get hit by a car. Very relaxing and such a great idea!

19 Juni 2016

Food Guide // New York City

Sophie and I spent one week in New York and since we ate our way through that week, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you.

The Butcher’s Daugther (19 Kenmare St)

Only 10 steps away from our Airbnb we really enjoyed this place called the Butcher’s Daugther. I love the name as they only serve vegetarian and vegan dishes ;) We always had breakfast around 8am since that was the only time we didn’t have to wait in line – that gem is booming! Try their juices and smoothies, they are so yummy!

Photo credit: gity_loves

The Egg Shop (151 Elizabeth St)

Sophie loved their Benedict! The interior is super cute and they really know what to do with those eggs! Egg y’all!

Grey Dog Café (244 Mulberry St)

Their salads are super good. The vibe is relaxed and if you get to sit outside you’re a lucky girl.

Jack’s Wife Freda (224 Lafayette St)

We had to wait for a table quite some time but it’s totally worth it. The food was served super fast and it was delicious! If you made it through the dish you would normally be full but you just can’t miss out on dessert guys!
Photo credit: gity_loves

Shake Shack (11 Madison Eve)

In’n’Out is definitely still my favorite burger spot to go but when in New York it’s Shake Shack. I love their ShackBurger and the fries are good to.

Le Pain Quotidien (100 Grand St)

You can never do wrong with Le Pain! I loved their food in California and I loved it in New York. It’s healthy, it’s delicious and they know how to bake real bread. But don’t only try their breakfast, go there for lunch too – you do not want to miss out on that! #nomnom

Café Gitane (242 Mott St)

Their waffles are delicious! Try to get a table outside and take a picture at the “love wall” afterwards.

Tacombi at Fonda Nolita (267 Elizabeth St)

There’s an actual van inside the location! It’s rustic, cute and makes you feel like you’re somewhere in South America. We got the guacamole and chips first and then added every taco on the menu. There are not too many but I like having only a few things to choose from. Some of them are spicy, some are fishy, just how I like them.
Photo credit: gity_loves

Juice Generation (69 Prince St)

The yummiest juices are to be find at the Juice Generation. I don’t think they do small sized cups but who would want that anyways ;) Everything is made of fresh ingredients and you can actually taste that.
Pizzetteria Brunetti (626 Hudson St)

It’s always hard to choose a pizza place for me because my standards are pretty high. My friend Lucia’s pizza is simply the best (well she’s some part Italian, so I guess she does have the pizza gen) and I couldn’t find a better one since I tried hers – not even in Italy! But for an American pizza the one we had at Brunetti was very good! We were starving that evening as we did a lot of walking and while everyone else was sharing their pizza Sophie and I did demolish one each for themselves.

Rooftop at the Standard (848 Washington St)

Make sure to get up early to save a spot near the glass fence. The atmosphere’s very cool and the view absolutely great. There’s fake grass on the floor which makes it feel like you’re in some park and if you don’t fit on the couches anymore, you can sit on the floor.

Rooftop at the Jane Hotel (113 Jane St)

It’s small but cozy and the perfect spot to have your pre-drinks. I liked the Brooklyn beer a lot and ordered another one right away ;) If you’d like to have a snack, check out the Gitane café near the lobby.

Sugar Factory (46 Gansevoort St))

What a crazy place! There’s huge cocktails with candy inside – CANDY! How awesome is that?! There were quite some people celebrating their birthdays so I guess if it happens to be yours, you should definitely check it out.

08 Juni 2016

Follow Me Around // New York City

If you haven't seen my travel diary on Youtube yet, this is your chance to catch up ;)  Let me know what you think of the video in the comment section. I'd love some feedback.

PS: A food guide and some other impressions are on the way as well - stay tuned.

03 Juni 2016

be aware and share

This is my personal blog. it's about my travel journeys, fashion, lifestyle and because it's personal I can post about whatever means something to me. This specific post is very special and important to me – it’s about humanity.

In this post I already told you that I want to “do more” and I meant it. I know I’m travelling a lot, spending money on thing I don’t need and I guess that normal, at least in our society. This does not mean that I am a bad human or I don’t care, I do care and that why I am writing this post. This post is for all the people, having to leave their home, their family & pets, their lives. This to tell you that I CARE!

Yesterday, I attended a screening about a documentary telling the story of an association called “be aware and share”. The film was well made, interesting and very touching. I knew from my friend how poorly the refugees are dressed and how hungry they are after a day long journey but seeing those people - human beings just like you and me, mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, lovers, friends, children - on this screen made my heart ache. It made me wanting to do more. But then, this post isn’t about me. This post is about lives, lives that are no more THEIR lives. They are walking for hours, getting on a boat that might not reach land and they hope for better lives with no guns and terror. But when they reach Greece, Croatia or any other country in Europe, they are treated like a disease. No one wants them to stay and here it a fact for you, who don’t want them in YOUR country, they don’t want to stay either. They would much rather be at home where they had a house, a job, a life! They don’t want to come to our countries, owning nothing, being treated like a sh.., they HAVE to flee.

“Be aware and share” is a swiss association who helps to make the refugee’s journey as human as possible. They are young people, living the same life like you and I, working hard, travelling, watching TV and owning stuff they don’t actually need. But instead of just ignoring the fact, that there are people out there who lost it all, they organize charity events, collecting clothes and blankets, they put time and effort into creating social media accounts to reach other people - other human beings - to raise awareness, to collect donations. They make their way to the borders packed with all the donations and they help. They actually help!

And so can you. You don’t have to spend money; you can donate some of your clothes you’re never wearing anyways. You can donate your time, help them to organize clothes, putting them in boxes and label them; you can join their Facebook and share it with your friends; you can be open-minded and respectful to the people who cross your way. You can actually help a lot too. Check out www.baas-schweiz.ch and if you are not sure yet, go watch the documentary!

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