31 Dezember 2013

New Years Eve

hi lovies,

as you already got to see on my instagram (@NissyBunique) i decided early what to wear on new years eve this year. i bought the dress when i was in london for the one-day-shopping-trip with my roomie. i've never got the chance to wear it though, so there won't be a better occasion than nye right?

forever 21 dress

30 Dezember 2013

mirror mirror on the wall

hi love bugs,

i'm sure every girl will know exactly what i'm talking about when i say that just spend 3 hours literally in my closed and in front of the mirror. first i only couldn't decide on what i'm going to wear today but then it kinda got out of control and i ended up clearing out my wardrobe... i took some snapshots of two pieces i didn't wear in a while:

francescas dresses || h&m tights + belt

29 Dezember 2013

the view

hi there,

i spent a beautiful day outdoors with a friend and i just got to show you this breath-taking view:

Berne, Sitzerland

28 Dezember 2013


hi lovies,

as i promised here i'm gonna show you some photos of my baking ;) did you try out the recipe? you definitely should, those "spitzbuben" are delicious!

27 Dezember 2013

what christmas was like

hi lovies,

i hope you all had a joyful christmas! i definitely did! this was far and away the best christmas!
i arrived at my parents's at about 1pm since we had quite a schedule to handle. first i dyed my mom's (now originally grey - haha sorry mom, now it's out there xD) hair, then i was to install and explain my dad the ipad which we gave him for his birthday/christmas. by that time, my brother had arrived and the two of us started to prepare the christmas menu. we actually did so to discharge my mom but she couldn't help but sticking her nose into everything - it's just like her to do so! by six my grandparents showed up (punctual as always) and by eight we finally got to unwrap the presents. normally, i would get excited because of the gifts i would receive but this time i couldn't wait to give them mine! it just makes me so happy to make someone else happy, even though, it was happiness that comes with material things it's still great to see those eyes shining.
and as it really isn't about the presents i have got they are by far the best i've ever received (a fuji instax 210, a baseball bat and my favorite: a framed signature of my brother's roommate. i'm just so into his name xD)
after the unwrapping we talked for hours and laughed until our bellies hurt. my grandparents both are over 85 years old and while we usually get to hear the "doesn't matter, we won't live long enough for this anyway" (they're saying this for almost 10 years now! - just imagine that!) i could not recall they said so once on this christmas day, which honestly makes me the happiest person! i could not wish for a more joyful and fun evening. i am so grateful for my family - they are the best!

24 Dezember 2013

christmas eve

hi lovies,

i wish you all a very merry christmas and lots of love! enjoy the precious time with your family and friends and stay save!

via, edited by NissyBunique

23 Dezember 2013

christmas outfit

hi lovies,

i thought of different outfits for the christmas dinner with my family and came to the conclusion that a rather conservative outfit would be most appropriate since my grandparents are going to be there as well. i usually love simple black pants combined with a silky blouse for family events, however, christmas happens to be a special occasion for something dressier. that's why i think this combo will do it best:

h&m: necklace, skirt (as seen here) & tights || cotton on: sweater

22 Dezember 2013

christmas gift guide

hi lovies

if you're still missing out on christmas gifts i have some recommendations for you which are super useful, fun and easy to get:

Nespresso Machine - http://amzn.to/1ibFqY0

Fuji Instax Camera - http://amzn.to/1a1ck5x

Kindle E-Reader - http://amzn.to/18NO5Nu

Naked 2 Palette - http://amzn.to/JULiHe

Philips Headphones - http://amzn.to/1935Ym6 (as seen at StyleScrapbook)

Clarisonic - http://amzn.to/18FX9DQ

21 Dezember 2013

christmas nails

hi lovies,

i'm a nail polish kinda girl and as i kicked off the holidays yesterday i'm looking for inspiration on my nail do. i guess i got a little ahead of my self when i picked those designs below because i am never gonna get them to look like this ;) but christmas is the time where you dream of all kinda things....and, EVERTHING'S POSSIBLE at this time of the year =)

on which one would you decide?


20 Dezember 2013

christmas baking

hi cutie pies,

right before christmas my family (like all the others) likes to bake all kind of christmas cookies. i personally love the traditional "spitzbub" (sorry guys, no idea how to call it in english..). unfortunately, i didn't came around baking them myself yet but i love to share the recipe with you and am going to show you pictures of mine as soon as i get them out of the ofen ;)

of course i'd love to see yours as well! don't be shy, share them with me =)

side note: i've never written a recipe before, so excuse my inexperience. i'm happy to answer any questions =) 
otherwise, ENJOY!!

19 Dezember 2013

christmas idea

ho, ho, ho

i'm practicing my santa voice for christmas eve but i think i'd need to smoke 10 cigaretts (i'm not really a smoker, i stopped a long time ago..) and gargle with whisky before my big appearance ;)

oh guys what i actually want to say is: i've got the greatest idea ever just right now!!!! i'm gonna get my family christmas sweaters for next year (kinda too late to get them now, i guess). how lovely would the annual christmas photograph look?! i can't tell you how excited i am right now (feeling like jumping up and down)! i got the idea when i came across this sweater on etsy:

can't wait for next christmas xD

18 Dezember 2013

christmas reading

hi lovies,

as you know i am a huge fan of books. no, i don't smell on them (some people do. i still think that kinda weird) but i do read them. i just had to clarify that, as my friend asked me just last week if i actually read them or just use them as decorating objects. i may have to say that this friend is a male friend. i don't wanna say guys don't read but i honestly don't have a single male friend (or then i wouldn't know of him) who would read a book by choice. but they should because in my opinon reading is sexy!
and you not only can learn from books but you also are able to escape the real life just for a little while. so if only one guy will read this post (it's a start, you've already read about 150 words) who truly likes to read, please, please leave a comment with your recommendations ;) i would love to know what kinda books you are interested in! of course this also applies for the female readers =)

and if you are looking for some inspiration check out my pinterest board "reading" (most of it is girly stuff but you may find something you like =)) holidays are close and next to eating reading is a perfect distraction...


17 Dezember 2013

christmas Tunesday

hi love bugs,

i kinda got lost in the christmas spirit, somewhere after all those christmas songs and before the big christmas tree. my collegues at work are already annoyed with me being merry all the time and my friends are still not convinced i really am into christmas. so this week is going be a christmas special - hurraaayyy =)

starting with a few of my (i would say all time favorite but that would be a lie since i just started to listen to those ;)) favorite christmas songs - here we go:

and there is no christmas without the one and only mariah carey singing "all i want for christmas"

i'm very into michael bublé's christmas album too. it's on replay and my roomie already complained about it (she's still singing along though ;))

07 Dezember 2013

red light dance

hi lovies,

you know those days where you're simply happy because..you just are! today is one of those for me and while i was driving to the next grocery store i kinda got excited about a song which was playing on the radio. 
i actually watched many people who were driving their car and it seemed as if they thought: "well i'm in a car, nobody can actually see me" and did things such as nose-picking or applying lipstick.
today though, i was completely forgetting people can see me. so i was singing along this song on the top of my voice (which isn't unusual for me) but then couldn't withhold myself from doing those exaggerated gestures. can you imagine the scenario now? okay so the whole thing wouldn't be embarassing, if it hadn't been for the red light stop where i was still happily singing and performing the song for myself. at least that's what i thought until i got distracted by the honking car next to me. as i turned my head to find out what the hell is wrong with the driver, i looked in the faces of two guys my age who where laughing themselves to tears because of me. 
i've never been that glad to see turning that traffic light into green and got my embarassed self off sign asap. lucky me, i met those same guys at the grocery store half an hour later xD they actually came straight to me and....applauded!! haha 
man, what a day...

just to make sure you can imagine how i had to look like doing it (gotta watch the full vid, okay?!):

just to make sure: this is not me in the video and i truly hope i'll never find one of me on youtube ;)

03 Dezember 2013

tunesday: paolo nutini - pencil full of lead

this is such a cool song to just shake that butt of yours a little and enjoying life - because it's great!

- recommended to me by my friend Lucia

02 Dezember 2013

white & burgundy

hi deers,
(haha remebering the last sentences of this post? you gotta get used to it xD)

how are you all doing? as i mentioned in this post here i'm trying to include clothes i didn't wear for some time into my outfits.  i first found it hard to combine them with my fave pieces (which i preferably would wear every day) but now some of them actually turned into favorites themselve. check out the white sweater and the white blouse! i love to pair them with my burgundy pants. white and burgundy literally scream winter, right?!

h&m pants | forever21 (ice bear) sweater | h&m silky blouse | dariadaria iphone case

01 Dezember 2013

christmas and i are friends now

hi lovies,

you may know that i've never been a fan of winter and the whole christmas thing. i've never liked the decoration, neither the christmas song which they play in every shop/mall/trainstation, simply everywhere! but the most aweful thing always was and still is the christmas tree...just don't get why we should have one. does it actually have to do anything with the christmas story?!
Well, this year's the frist time i'm not living at my parents's, so i'm free to ignore the whole thing (except the 25th on which we all get together for dinner and a merry time). but things are going differently than i first thought because guys, i'm feeling like mrs. santa herself!! can you believe this?!?! i'm decorating our apartment, listening to christmas songs (which i downloaded myself!) and weirdest thing ever: i am excited for anything christmassy! not even my mom believed her eyes when she saw me acting all happy about it and humming christmas songs..

but i think this is a good thing. i truly feel like i needed to make some changes for myself just to see things in a different way. i'm just feeling so blessed to have my family and friends around and to be able to do what ever pleases me.

this means for you, dear readers, there will be a christmassy overload on the blog..so be prepared ;) haha

21 November 2013

in love with a movie

hi love bugs,

as you seen on this post i was invited to the pre-premiere of the hunger games:catching fire movie yesterday. i didn't read the books but i really loved the first movie. not just because i've got a huge girl crush on jennifer lawrence but also because i associate the story with the reality. People who are getting oppressed, living on nothing and people like us having it all. i'm not saying that we are doing it on purpose but we don't really do anything to make a change, right?! - or at least just very little of us.
movie doesn't only convince with the story but also with great acting and super cool special effects. it's so catchy and touching! i actually even got scared two times and almost stood in my chair. not to mention that i almost cried 5 times (really had to hold it back, guys)!!

i highly recommend you to go watch the movie! if you didn't happen to have seen the first one, go rent the dvd and watch it first - you really should see all of them to understand the action.

can't wait for the third and last part!

17 November 2013

back to school

hi lovies,

in switzerland it's common to do an apprenticeship in any kinda line of business and that's what i did. i graduated as a management assistant 3 years ago and since that's quite some time ago (i mean, time goes by just soooo fast, don't you think?!) i organized a class reunion for last friday. i know you usually would do that after 10 years but i found that's way too long to wait. 

we went for dinner, catched up with everyone and then went clubbing all together. boy, that was an AWESOME night! =)

the pics below show two of my ex class mates / lovely friends and me. we met a little earlier for some pre-drinks ;)

as you may see, this pic was taken early in the (next) morning xD don't know the guy who's photobombing

anyone see my eyes? lost them somewhere at 2am xD

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