31 März 2013

tell nissy

hi cuties,

how are you today? do you enjoy the easter weekend?
well, i acutally thought i would go somewhere cool or do some outdoor stuff with my friends, but since the weather is going crazy (lots of snow, rain, wind and all that not so spring at all) nothing's gonna happen. ok, not really, i'm watching tv, eating candy, getting fat. that's something right? 

lately i don't feel so good about myself. i'm kinda lazy, feeling depressed and ugly (got some huge bad looking blisters in and round my mouth). i need some action in my life and i hope to get that when my soon-to-be-roomie ally is back from her vacation ;) until then, i'm glad i met some super cool people from all over the world through my blog nissygoescalifornia. i love chatting with them and help them to sort some things out. i actually really think i'm good at it. with this i mean: talking to strangers, give them advise or just listening to what they have to say.

30 März 2013

a princess deserves a castle

hey there you lovely thing,

since my soon-to-be-my-roomie friend is going on vacation, we won't be able to look for an apartment until mid-april. so sad i know, i am too. i was getting really excited about this whole moving out thing and i still can't stop browsing through all those websites displaying super cool apartments! a few days ago a saw the perfect one and just about 5 minutes after i sent the link to my friend it was already off the market! unbeliveable, isn't it?! i sincerely hope we'll find a cute little place.

do you know some cool interior sites or have/are following a board on pinterest? Let me know!

now i'm off to get some inspiration from the interior stores ;)

29 März 2013

some things have to be said

hi you,

you are beautiful even if you don't feel like you are!
you are good in everything you do because you do it in your own way!
you are strong, you got through every day until now and you're alive, right?!
you are reading my blog, so you're awesome anyway ;)


26 März 2013

Tunesday: Carly Comando - Everyday

hi there,

as you may know (or at least now you will) i'm a huge fan of all kind of music. what i'm listening to always depends on my mood and my mood is changing every other hour. today, at this time i feel happy, sad, nostalgic and like running through an open field. since those are very mixed feelings, i'm not even sure anymore, if my mood changes only every other hour or second xD but enough of the blah blah just listen to this beautiful ballad called "everyday" performed by miguelangelbarca (original: carly comando).

random note: this piano ballad is also the soundtrack to the well known video of noah kalina who took a picutre of himself everyday for 6 years. check it out here

24 März 2013

moving on & out


since i got a job, a car and everything else (haha not quite) i decided to move out. currently, i live in my parents' farmer house in a rural area of berne, switzerland. i love the life here and of course my family too. the fact that my grandparents live right next to us is great (they are over 85 years old) and i enjoy every moment i have with them. during my stay in california i grew up though, i need some space; a place of my own. for those who don't know me that well i'm a scaredy-pants! seriousely, i can't watch a horror movie alone and the darkness isn't my friend neither. lucky me, i have a super cool (female) friend who's gonna be my roomie hopefully very soon =)

we're looking for apartments now and i hope we'll find a cute affordable place in the city center =)

stay tuned for more news about the "moving on & out"- project ;)

in the meantime here are snapshots of my room:

22 März 2013

magic is everywhere

hi love bugs,

i don't know about you but i love work. not every part of it. not the one which is called "getting-up-early" ;) i love the "drive-to-work" part though. of course this picture below is edited/filtered but seriousely, when i drive everything looks this awesome because i see it this way - the magical kinda way ;)

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
― W.B. Yeats

16 März 2013

the old new me


this is my first post ever since i took a break from the blog and it's also the first in 2013. it's a new year, the year i'll start my life. i got back from california about 3 month ago and unexpectedly i kinda fell back into my old routine, my old me which isn't really a good thing. the nissy from early 2012 is stubborn, introvert, boring and not at all how I feel inside and how i want to be. anyway, 2013 is going to be different. i am going to be different. not now, not in a week, but at the end of this year - i'm going to be different.

i looked for a job, nothing special but something that keeps me on track and alive. somehow I actually managed to get a one which i started march 1rst. i really didn't know what to do with myself until then. i was reading, listening to music, taking care of my grandparents, thinking about life now and then, getting all sentimental, catching up with friends, and waiting for my new life to start.

oh my god, i acutally bore myself with this crappy stuff i wrote! but hey, i decided this blog to be a place where i write about all that crap i have in mind. it's not going to be all about my craziness (or let's call it "nissyness"), though, it's going to be about all that matters to me, and fashion, decoration, music, movies and lots of other stuff i can't think of now.

so i hope you're going to stop by every once in a while and leave comments full of critic, thoughts and maybe some loving words as well.

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