30 November 2011

Favorite Of The Month: November 2011

OMG, it's almost December. Time flies! Well, you know what's coming at the end of the month. Exactly, it's time again for the Favorite Of The Month.

I want to let this kind of distinction send someone very special to me. Your blog is my #1! It isn't one of those fashion blogs (I love fashion blogs), but a blog about lifestyle, living and photography. I'm most fascinated by the photography. The pictures on her blog are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! She's so talented. I've rarely seen such beautiful pictures.

But this isn't just about her blog dariadaria, it's about Madeleine. She's my Favorite Of The Month: November 2011!

I don't know her, I just describe my impressions of her ok ;)  
Her style of writing, photographing and her clothing style are adorable. She seems to be casual, easy going, kind, down to earth and someone who'll sometimes just chilling on the couch with you and spend hours talking to you about everthing and anything.
Well, you'll see I'm a big fan of hers =) Please check out her blog!

Images via dariadaria

29 November 2011

Style Spy: Natalie Suarez

5 Preview blazer
David Kahn jeans
Vintage hat
Steve Madden Tblanket boots

5 Preview blazer
Armani Exchange knit sweater,
Joie skirt
Botkier bag

 Hallelu bloues and kimono
Vintage hat

Vintage blazer
Free People blouse
J Brand two-toned jeans
Lodis belt
Jewelmint bracelet
Bronzallure (available at Lord & Taylors)/Vanessa Mooney rings
Free People blouse
Koshka cords
Dolce Vita boots

28 November 2011


WERELSE is a concept brand bringing three international fashion bloggers together, pushing their creative talents and sharing their inspiration.
Seasons and trends are brushed aside and a platform has been created for limited edition products, all inspired and styled by Andy, Carolina and Chiara.
Based in a renovated loft in the creative heart of Milan, the WERELSE headquarters is where the girls bring their ideas and inspirations to life, and share them with the world.
[image & text via werelse]

In early October, I've seen a Twitter post by Andy of Stylescrapbook about WERELSE. Of course I immediately subscribed to the newsletter on WERELSE's Page, because I couldn't imagine what WERELSE really is.

End of October, this video was posted on Youtube, showing the T-Collection of WERELSE. Clothes a
vailable here.

WERELSE T-collection video backstage

I like the videos of WERELSE. The cut and the music are amazing.

The girls have done it right. There was a huge euphoria about WERELSE and lots of interested. In the end everything isn't that spectacular, it's just a new brand, but it's still stylish.

25 November 2011


Actually, I only wanted to buy gloves. Oh, I did! But I've bought two sweaters and a cardigan too. I know, I'm weak when it comes to clothes. I can rarely resist. Good for you, because I can always show you my latest goodies ;)
  • I'll combine the sparkling black sweater with a skirt. That will match perfect for Christmas festivities. Conveniently, the sweater could be worn with jeans as well 
  • Worn with leggins the oversized sweater is great for lazy afternoons with friends.
  • The cozy cardigan will keep me warm on those cold winter days. I can't wait the wear them!
(I'll show you the gloves in tomorrow's post ;))

bought @ H&M
PS: On Instagram and Twitter, I've posted a sneak peek of today's post. This post is replaced, but will be published tomorrow.

24 November 2011

Take Me Through The Winter

Although I already bought a coat for winter, I still like to check them out online. There are so many beautiful coats and I would like to order them all and wear every day another one ;) By the way, Ally bought the coat from Zara - absolutely gorgeous!!

What do you wear this season?


1) Love Label Bow Detail Coat - Very

2) Color Block Longline Hooded Coat - Romwe

3) Boucle Faux Fur Collar Coat - Topshop


5) VILA / BOWI COAT - Nelly

6) ASOS Swing Coat With Contrast Trim - Asos


23 November 2011

YouTube Talents

I like to rummage around on YouTube and mostly I find a covered song, which is almost better than the original.

These are my favorite YouTube talents (the order doesn't matter):

I think it's nice to see that talented people, who have initially posted on youtube just cover songs but now also do originals and sometimes even signing a record deal and go on tour.
It's the same at all. If people don't support you -  listen to your music (or read the blog) - you can't be sucessful. I don't want to say that you shouldn't be yourself or change yourself. But if you want to be successful, you have to respond the people with what you're doing (and I hope I do ;)).
This YouTube talents convinced me with their music. What do you think of them?

21 November 2011

Fav Five

I'm a totally junkie when it comes to TV series. Even if I deny it rather, this is my coming out. Yes I love Grey's Anatomy and yes I never missed a season of One Tree Hill (thank god for recording devices;)). So in this post I'll show my favorite TV series, started with the beloved Gossip Girl.

Images via Google

Gossip Girl

Yes, Gossip Girl is about rich, spoiled teenager who look like they're 20 or 23. And yes, serena, blair, jenny, chuck, nate and dan kissed each other at least once. Yes and I still love Gossip Girl. It's worth to turn on TV just to watch and admire the designer dresses, shoes and handbags.

Grey's Anatomy

I can't remember the first season but I watched Grey's Anatomy from the beginning. It's weird if you witnessed how intimidated medical students become self-conscious doctors. Of course there are always dramas. Someone doesn't follow the rules, someone (well, there were several) had sex the boss and so on. Well, sometimes it was a bit boring but I've still turned on every Monday. At least, Grey's Anatomy was always about medicine too. Not like Scrubs. But
the leader of all medical TV series is...

Dr House

Do you know that the medicine matters are really researched and true? Pretty cool huh? Even if Gregory House was anything but likable at the beginning, he always got my respect. He's always right with his diagnoses. And although he's super selfish, it still made him kind of interesting. Do you agree?

Plain Jane

A shy girl (actually aready a woman) dresses like a 12 year old have a crush on a cool guy. Yes, the fashionable Louise Roe makes her dream come true. the plain jane get the dress and the guy and they live happily ever after. Ahh, how romantic (and trashy).. ;)


A girl, a suicide attempt (an accident) and the crazy high school life. Jenna hasn't really an easy life. Her mother, the hottie had no idea how a mother should act. Anyways, I just like Awkward. 

What kind of TV series do you watch?

19 November 2011

Welcome To My Closet

Hi lovies!

Today I reorganized my closet. Since I still live at home, I haven't much space for my clothes. Since my wardrobe was bursting at the seams, I unfortunately had to throw away or packaged clothes in boxes and keep them in the attic.
If I wouldn't go abroad next year, I would have moved out. Don't get it wrong, I really love my family but there is not enough room for all my stuff and certain things I would like to handle differently or just by myself. In addition, I wish I had a dressing room / walk-in wardrobe. I love clothes hanger (because of the better overview) and I would love to own three large of them. In my room (about 20
) isn't any space for them. My room is already fussy.

Now my closet is definitely back in order and almost a little bit empty. Well,
everyone knows it doesn't last for a long time ;)

Mannequins via Pinterest

Guys, THIS is how a closet have to be...

What kind of closet do you have? Do you prefer clothes hanger or shelves? Do you have a walk-in closet?

18 November 2011

Shopping in Berlin

I have to admit, shopping in Berlin is more fun than at home in Switzerland. Everything is strange and new, and you look at the matters much more accurate because you don't know exactly where things are.

Below you see the pictures (Nikon and iPhone) of my goodies. My favorite part is the polka dot skirt by Vero Moda and the shoes by Street Super Shoes. Of course I couldn't resist and bought some nail polish (what else). But I held back and only bought two. Good girl, huh? =P 

Polka Dot Skirt by Vero Moda

Unfortunately this shoes by Street Super Shoes were no longer available in my size =(

Basic Tops by Vero Moda

Rings by Bijou Brigitte

OPI "I Think In Pink" by Douglas

Nicole by OPI "Baby "Blue"" by Douglas
Bracelets by Vero Moda

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion by Douglas

MAC Matte Lipstick Rouge À Lèvres bought at KaDeWe

KIKO Lip Gloss Pencil bought at Alexa
Top/Sweater by Vero Moda
I also bought Christmas presents for my family. I've spent 206. Actually, I expected more

Well, the rest of the money I spent on a driving course. Drivers (ie those who don't drive three years yet) have to do two courses. One for "aqua planing" ond one for an "economic driving style". Since I've now completed all, I have one thing less to think about. 

So now I'm ready for some fun. What are your plans for the weekend?

17 November 2011

Tschüssi Berlin

Brandenburger Tor, Berlin (Germany)

I'm back from Berlin. It was super cold and I frozen my butt off. Gladly, we mainly were in stores for shopping. There are the same shops as well as in Switzerland, but things were cheaper.

Of course we've visited the Alexanderplatz, the Fernsehturm and the Brandenburger Tor. And we visited the Berlinische Galerie. The exhibition of Friedrich Seidenstücker and Eva Besnyö was so inspiring. Although we've taken the train or the subway (entire amount for tickets: 25 ), we certainly walked at least about 3km per day (it's definitely not the same, when you're doing this for a workout as for shopping ;)).
But running around wasn't that bad, because we've always eaten very well and much. The best meal was at Atlantic's. Guys these waffels were delicious! 

Shopping Mall "Kaufhaus Des Westens"


How beautiful? (this isn't our hotel)

beautiful building

All photos taken by Nikon D5100 or iPhone 4

Unfortunately, I have to say that I'm not a fan of Berlin. Although I've seen some beautiful buildings and the Brandenbruger Tor was super impressive, I didn't feel like "wow-this-city-is-so-fantastic-I-would-like-to-stay". In Barcelona I fell in love with the city at first sight. Sure there's also the different if it's summer or winter, but I think it would have changed nothing. But I'm glad I've been there at least for once.
Even if Berlin never become one of my favorite cities, I recommend you to visit Berlin. Tastes are different and maybe Berlin is the city of your dreams!

PS: To be continued... (shopping goodies)
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