28 Juni 2015

Roadtrip 2015 // Grand Canyon

April 25, 2015
We desperately wanted to see the antelopes in Page, AZ but the website didn’t send our booking request and we tried on three different devices! When we called them, we were told that the tour was sold out. That’s why we decided to head to Flagstaff instead and check out the places nearby. I got to tell you guys, that Airbnb experience was one of our best! We stayed at Doug’s place. His house is situated in a pristine forest a few miles out of Flagstaff. The house is charming and welcoming and I would have stayed longer if our schedule wasn’t as tight. The hot tub was highly appreciated after the hikes. Doug himself is a very talkative, honest guy who loves living out there with his super adorable dog Hazel.
Phew, that was a lot of advertising but yeah, go check it out!
So as previously mentioned we wanted to make up for missing the antelopes and head to the secret canyon in Sedona instead. That didn’t work out so well though. Halfway between Flagstaff and Sedona it started pouring down like there is no tomorrow! We didn’t bring a rain jacket and we were pretty sure that the hike would have become more of a swim which is why we turned around and spent the day in. What a bummer! At least we got to see Furious 7 as we went to the movies in the evening – I know this movie was out in Switzerland as well and we could have gone for one that didn’t premier at home yet but we just felt like it..

April 26, 2015
You can’t imagine how shocked we were when we woke up to snow that morning! It was freezing cold outside – we were used to 25°C + (77°F) and not to 6°C (43°F)!! First thing we did was buying a jacket. Embracing the snow we drove the 1.5 hours to the big old whole. The snow thankfully melted away pretty fast and the only evidence left were the puddles spreading everywhere. My favorite hike was the one on the Kaibab trail. If we had a spare day I would have loved to hike all the way down the Kaibab trail and up the Bright Angel trail. I never would have thought I could be that impressed by a whole but apparently I can! You got to not only see but experience this for yourself. Don’t just stop at the lookouts, go on a trail, even if just you walk just for a little while it’s worth the effort – and honestly, there’s much better picture opportunities ;)

Getting home exhausted but happy we couldn’t wait to get in that hot tub. I asked my brother to take a picture right away so I could sent it so my friends, telling them to get one as well so we could have hot tub parties in the winter, haha!

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