25 Juni 2015

Roadtrip 2015 // Zion National Park

April 24, 2015
I looked at pictures of Zion National Park online before and even then I was stunned. But when we came closer to the park I was even more impressed! The red rocks towering on each side of the only road leading through – Amazing! Unfortunately, we totally forgot that Zion is in the State of Utha = -1 hour!! So we got a little stressed out as we wanted to see as much as possible. As we experience dodgy weather that day we only hiked the Angels Landing trail and a few miles of the Narrows trail. We didn’t want to risk anything by being surprised by floods so we didn’t get too far into the slots. Despite the weather we very much enjoyed the hiking and it was hard to concentrate on the trail with this picturesque views.

I would definitely go back and hike theSubway! That trail must be astonishing too!

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