04 Juni 2015

Roadtrip 2015 // Big Sur

April 17, 2015
We headed out early in the morning to pick up our rental car and started our journey down the coast on Hwy 1. I mean I’ve been to California – I used to live there for almost a year – but I totally missed out on this breath-taking coast line!! We took in the views and stopped on several vista points & outlooks. Even though the journey took us 9 hours (incl. all the stops) we didn’t talk that much in the car, we were just blown away by the beauty of nature. When we arrived in Santa Barbara in the evening we were starving! We totally forgot to eat during the day. There was just so much to look at! We stayed at a hotel we booked the day before* and were actually glad it wasn’t located too close to the center because our feet and legs definitely needed moving and stretching after such a long drive.

haha yeah, that's how we roll... xD

*next to the hostel in San Francisco and the Airbnb in Kauai we booked all the hotels, motels and Airbnbs only the day before we actually stayed there.

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