09 Juli 2015

Roadtrip 2015 // San Diego

April 27, 2015
We didn’t mind driving for hours. Sure, your butt gets all numb and you would change position every 10min. after a while but isn’t it just soo relaxing to just drive on an endless road, desert surrounding you and in the background your favorite song on the road trip playlist is playing?! We would not speak for an hour and then just start singing along to a song simultaneously. I ate like one huge bag of m&m’s on the way down to San Diego and that was breakfast and lunch. Very grown up and healthy I know ;) We did get sushi for dinner though, which kinda made up for it, right?! By the way, that was the best sushi I have ever had! If you happen to be in the Pacific Beach area, go check out Kato Sushi.  And for desert - or even for an appetizer, YOLO! - go to Yogurtland!  We met Kenia our Airbnb host in the evening and to our surprise the building was equipped with a pool and a Jacuzzi!

April 28, 2015
Just as we parked our car near the Balboa Park we thought we were going to die!! Since the airport is in the middle of the city it looks as if the airplanes are nose diving! I just can’t believe that there are no complaints because of the noise when in Switzerland people are complaining even if they live miles – or kilometers as we use those for measurement – away. Anyway, we strolled around in Balboa Park and later explored Coronado Island and took a nap at the beach. I got to tell you, that white Coronado sand is kinda tricky, though. There was sand on every inch of my body and everything I bite my teeth I was grinding sand, ew! It actually took us longer to shower and get off that sand than we were napping ;)

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