14 Juni 2015

Roadtrip 2015 // Los Angeles 2

April 20, 2015
Of course we couldn’t stop in LA without going to Santa Monica and Venice Beach. I was mostly excited for breakfast at the Urth Caffe in Santa Monica, yum – I’m such a huge food lover! My brother wasn’t very impressed with the Santa Monica pier – and he didn’t even know that the pier appeared in the tv show Private Practice at the beginning of almost every episode! Did you know? He liked Venice Beach with all the street art and craziness much better.

Oh and we went to the Getty Museum in Malibu. I’m not sure if that was on the same day but someday we hiked up to the Griffith Observatory – where I saw JamesChardon (Kayture) #fangirl – and we visited the Charmed house – my all time favorite tv show #doublefangirl!

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