27 Dezember 2013

what christmas was like

hi lovies,

i hope you all had a joyful christmas! i definitely did! this was far and away the best christmas!
i arrived at my parents's at about 1pm since we had quite a schedule to handle. first i dyed my mom's (now originally grey - haha sorry mom, now it's out there xD) hair, then i was to install and explain my dad the ipad which we gave him for his birthday/christmas. by that time, my brother had arrived and the two of us started to prepare the christmas menu. we actually did so to discharge my mom but she couldn't help but sticking her nose into everything - it's just like her to do so! by six my grandparents showed up (punctual as always) and by eight we finally got to unwrap the presents. normally, i would get excited because of the gifts i would receive but this time i couldn't wait to give them mine! it just makes me so happy to make someone else happy, even though, it was happiness that comes with material things it's still great to see those eyes shining.
and as it really isn't about the presents i have got they are by far the best i've ever received (a fuji instax 210, a baseball bat and my favorite: a framed signature of my brother's roommate. i'm just so into his name xD)
after the unwrapping we talked for hours and laughed until our bellies hurt. my grandparents both are over 85 years old and while we usually get to hear the "doesn't matter, we won't live long enough for this anyway" (they're saying this for almost 10 years now! - just imagine that!) i could not recall they said so once on this christmas day, which honestly makes me the happiest person! i could not wish for a more joyful and fun evening. i am so grateful for my family - they are the best!

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