01 Dezember 2013

christmas and i are friends now

hi lovies,

you may know that i've never been a fan of winter and the whole christmas thing. i've never liked the decoration, neither the christmas song which they play in every shop/mall/trainstation, simply everywhere! but the most aweful thing always was and still is the christmas tree...just don't get why we should have one. does it actually have to do anything with the christmas story?!
Well, this year's the frist time i'm not living at my parents's, so i'm free to ignore the whole thing (except the 25th on which we all get together for dinner and a merry time). but things are going differently than i first thought because guys, i'm feeling like mrs. santa herself!! can you believe this?!?! i'm decorating our apartment, listening to christmas songs (which i downloaded myself!) and weirdest thing ever: i am excited for anything christmassy! not even my mom believed her eyes when she saw me acting all happy about it and humming christmas songs..

but i think this is a good thing. i truly feel like i needed to make some changes for myself just to see things in a different way. i'm just feeling so blessed to have my family and friends around and to be able to do what ever pleases me.

this means for you, dear readers, there will be a christmassy overload on the blog..so be prepared ;) haha

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