07 Dezember 2013

red light dance

hi lovies,

you know those days where you're simply happy because..you just are! today is one of those for me and while i was driving to the next grocery store i kinda got excited about a song which was playing on the radio. 
i actually watched many people who were driving their car and it seemed as if they thought: "well i'm in a car, nobody can actually see me" and did things such as nose-picking or applying lipstick.
today though, i was completely forgetting people can see me. so i was singing along this song on the top of my voice (which isn't unusual for me) but then couldn't withhold myself from doing those exaggerated gestures. can you imagine the scenario now? okay so the whole thing wouldn't be embarassing, if it hadn't been for the red light stop where i was still happily singing and performing the song for myself. at least that's what i thought until i got distracted by the honking car next to me. as i turned my head to find out what the hell is wrong with the driver, i looked in the faces of two guys my age who where laughing themselves to tears because of me. 
i've never been that glad to see turning that traffic light into green and got my embarassed self off sign asap. lucky me, i met those same guys at the grocery store half an hour later xD they actually came straight to me and....applauded!! haha 
man, what a day...

just to make sure you can imagine how i had to look like doing it (gotta watch the full vid, okay?!):

just to make sure: this is not me in the video and i truly hope i'll never find one of me on youtube ;)

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