21 November 2013

in love with a movie

hi love bugs,

as you seen on this post i was invited to the pre-premiere of the hunger games:catching fire movie yesterday. i didn't read the books but i really loved the first movie. not just because i've got a huge girl crush on jennifer lawrence but also because i associate the story with the reality. People who are getting oppressed, living on nothing and people like us having it all. i'm not saying that we are doing it on purpose but we don't really do anything to make a change, right?! - or at least just very little of us.
movie doesn't only convince with the story but also with great acting and super cool special effects. it's so catchy and touching! i actually even got scared two times and almost stood in my chair. not to mention that i almost cried 5 times (really had to hold it back, guys)!!

i highly recommend you to go watch the movie! if you didn't happen to have seen the first one, go rent the dvd and watch it first - you really should see all of them to understand the action.

can't wait for the third and last part!

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