18 Dezember 2013

christmas reading

hi lovies,

as you know i am a huge fan of books. no, i don't smell on them (some people do. i still think that kinda weird) but i do read them. i just had to clarify that, as my friend asked me just last week if i actually read them or just use them as decorating objects. i may have to say that this friend is a male friend. i don't wanna say guys don't read but i honestly don't have a single male friend (or then i wouldn't know of him) who would read a book by choice. but they should because in my opinon reading is sexy!
and you not only can learn from books but you also are able to escape the real life just for a little while. so if only one guy will read this post (it's a start, you've already read about 150 words) who truly likes to read, please, please leave a comment with your recommendations ;) i would love to know what kinda books you are interested in! of course this also applies for the female readers =)

and if you are looking for some inspiration check out my pinterest board "reading" (most of it is girly stuff but you may find something you like =)) holidays are close and next to eating reading is a perfect distraction...


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