17 November 2013

back to school

hi lovies,

in switzerland it's common to do an apprenticeship in any kinda line of business and that's what i did. i graduated as a management assistant 3 years ago and since that's quite some time ago (i mean, time goes by just soooo fast, don't you think?!) i organized a class reunion for last friday. i know you usually would do that after 10 years but i found that's way too long to wait. 

we went for dinner, catched up with everyone and then went clubbing all together. boy, that was an AWESOME night! =)

the pics below show two of my ex class mates / lovely friends and me. we met a little earlier for some pre-drinks ;)

as you may see, this pic was taken early in the (next) morning xD don't know the guy who's photobombing

anyone see my eyes? lost them somewhere at 2am xD

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