12 Mai 2014

the french part

those weeks are flying by like a rocket! can't believe it's already mid-may!! well, that might be because the weather totally sucks and you wouldn't assume that summer's so close..
anyways, my friend nae and i got up early on friday and drove down to beautiful montreux. it was only a one hour drive which really took me by surprise. how does it come that i haven't been there before especially when it's so close!?! i'll definitely be back sometime this year!! so those are the many many pics we took at the promenade bordered with flowers. Unfortunately, it was pretty couldy and foggy that day, so please excuse the missing sun in the photos..at least we've got palm trees ;)

h&m skirt, denim jacket, tights, shoes, necklace | forever21 bag | vintage ring

photos by nae & nissy

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