24 Mai 2014

morning routine: cleansing

on a rainy day with summer in my mind i'd like to tell you about my morning routine which lightly changes during the warmer days.
as you may know I've got very sensitive skin which tends to outbreak on any occasion speaking lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, malnutrition ect. that's why it's even more important to me to stick to my daily routine. i haven't gone to bed without taking off my make up in years and neither did i left the house without taking care of my skin first. you still with me? okay, let's get started step by step (which means i'm going to post one step a day):

first i wash my hands since it's important to me to start this whole thing right: clean. second, i wet my face with lukewarm water which opens up the pores and prepare them for the good stuff following up. then i gently get rid of the sweat and dead pores by scrubbing my face with clinique's 7 day scrub cream. you don't wanna get rid of your skin though, so as i said: g e n t l e! next, i rinse off the scrub cream and apply dr. hauschka's cleansing cream as shown here. i stop the water in between each step!

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