13 Mai 2014

eurovision song contest

we had the best evening on saturday, when my brother and i were invited for dinner and to watch esc (eurovision song contest) at some friends. i honestly never watched the show before but since we were a bunch of people we had a great time! they even printed out some rating paper where you could keep score of the performances! i was taken aback when i saw the austrian contestant - a woman (who's actual name is tom neuwirth) with a beard and a tiny waist! she actually won that thing - congrats austria! i think she's got a beautiful voice and the song could totally be from a james bond movie! but enough of that, you should make up your own mind and watch the youtube video here. i also liked (in no particular order): finland, spain (disney like), uk, denmark, (bruno mars-ish) iceland and norway. did anyone else watch the esc finals?

dinner was so delicious: salom, patato wedges, asparagus, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes

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